05/13/23 Mother's Day for Mothers of Other Species Too

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On the occasion of Mother's Day Animal Friends Croatia remind us that animals also love their mothers

-Animal Friends Croatia invite all to remember animal mothers on May 20th

Ahead of the day when throughout the world honor is expressed to motherhood and mothers as well as to the incredible ties between mothers and their children, Animal Friends Croatia invite all to not make an exception neither when animals are in question and to, especially these days, also remember the other mothers. As they point out, the mothers of other species also love their children, undertake great efforts and sacrifice themselves to protect them, nurture and raise them. However, motherhood for many animals is neglected, negated and they are deprived of.

They also add that meat, dairy and egg industry have no mercy towards mothers. When they are also enough for giving birth, mother pigs are artificially inseminated and closed off during the entire pregnancy in cages in which they can barely even turn. They often develop open decubitus ulcers on their bodies due to immobility. While in nature they would stay with their mothers for several months, piglets are separated from their mothers in less than a one-month period. After that mothers are inseminated again and the cycle of forced breeding and captivity.

Because they miss their piglets and also because they cannot do anything else except to stare in bars in front of them, mother pigs often go mad, neurotically chewing the bars of their cage or they obsessively press their water bottles. After three or four years, when their bodies are exhausted and their minds pushed over the edge of insanity, they are sent for slaughtering.

In order to take milk from the cows, they artificially inseminate them year after year and they take their newly born children immediately after birth. The only contact of mother and child that is allowed on larger farms is when the mother cleans and dries her newly born child. Immediately after the terrified calves are taken away and sent into the separate boxes, and the cows are immediately sent for milk production. Separation and loneliness cause extreme sadness and anxiety both to the mother and to the calf. Female calves await the same destiny as grieving mothers and male calves end up in the slaughter house still in their childhood age.

Not more humane towards mothers neither is the egg industry: chickens, along with continuous physical suffering, they also suffer psychological abuse with deliberate molting and light regulation in order for them to lay more eggs. They, too, are deprived of rights for motherhood and newly hatched unwanted mail chicks are killed by suffocation or they grind them alive.

“Understanding strong bonds between mothers and children of other species we can see they are no different from us. We are all part of a larger family. By choosing vegan products we can make an empathic choice to respect the mothers of other species. We kindly ask all that, for the upcoming Mother’s Day, they think about grieving mothers who cannot exercise their natural right to bond with their child.” Animal Friends Croatia say.

They invite all to watch the video with the message from actress Emily Deschanel on the occasion of Mother’s Day, video about Women explotation and to visit www.trazisekraljica.net for more information on mothers in dairy industry.

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