06/06/23 European initiative for cultured meat

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Last day to sign the petition for investment in the development of plant-based and cultured meat

- With plant-based and cultured meat, we can transform the food system and save the world

In a period of one year, Europeans had the opportunity to sign a European citizens' initiative in which they present two proposals to the European Commission: to start excluding animal breeding from activities eligible for agricultural subsidies and to support the production and sale of products of plant and cultivated origin. The petition can only be signed today until midnight at https://endtheslaughterage.eu/hr/.

Animal Friends Croatia invites everyone to leave their voice and clearly state their position, that is, ask politicians to intervene before it's too late. "According to the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), we have about 10 years to avoid the climate point of no return. Greenhouse gas emissions have reached levels never seen on this planet. By producing plant-based and cultured meat, we can produce the same amount of quality food with 96% less greenhouse gas emissions," states Animal Friends Croatia, inviting everyone to use the last day to share information about this important petition.

Unlike vegetable meat, which is produced from high-quality vegetable proteins, such as peas, cultured meat is originally animal meat that is produced by direct cultivation of animal cells from cell culture on a pure plant basis. This production method eliminates the need to raise and slaughter animals for food. Cultured meat is made from the same types of cells arranged in the same structure as animal tissues, thus replicating the taste and nutritional profiles of animal meat. The complete process takes place without genetic manipulation.

The world population is on track to exceed 9 billion by 2030. Without transformation, the growing number of mouths to feed could become a catastrophic public health crisis. The development of cultured meat production technology has enormous potential in terms of ecological sustainability and animal welfare, but also human health because such meat is produced in clean and controlled cultivation, without antibiotics, manure, tumors and suffering.

Animal Friends Croatia emphasizes that there is nothing natural in industrial or any other animal breeding: "Animals are genetically manipulated, cruelly overcrowded, deprived of fresh air, sun and natural environment, they are not fed their natural food, and they are denied the possibility of free movement. Throughout their life, they are unable to carry out basic, natural functions and behavioral patterns. Female members of the species are pushed to their biological limits to produce offspring, only to see their children taken from them after birth to be fattened up for slaughter.”

"We are calling for the initiative for which we are collecting signatures to be supported by everyone, regardless of their diet. In this way, you will support ecological, clean and controlled meat farming without killing animals, as well as healthier plant-based meat. The growth of new food production technology will enable our survival on the planet, and consequently the end of animal exploitation", concludes the Association.

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