06/30/23 Over the years, Tarik, Nikolina, Franka, Zdenka, Doris and others raised their voices for animals

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21 years of the educational campaign "Family to the sea, and the dog to the street?!"

- Adoption instead of buying, castration, microchipping, responsible guardianship

"The family to the sea, and the dog to the street?!" is the longest-running campaign of Animal Friends Croatia, which annually warns about the importance of not leaving animals behind during vacationing and responsibly caring for pets. In the last 21 years, many celebrities have been faces of the campaign - from Maja Vu鋱, Nikolina Pi鈹k, Tatjana Juri, An簟la Ramljak, Franka Bateli, Marko Tolja, Doris Pin鋱, Igor Me隘n, Rena Bitorajac to Darijo Brzoja, the band Vatra, Ksenija Paji, Slavko Sobin, Zdenka Kova鋱鋀k, Tarik Filipovi and many others.

Although some of them already had a dog or a cat, through the campaign they were additionally educated about the importance of adopting, not abandoning, castration and responsibility for an animal member of the family. This is also shown by educational slogans: “Animals are not toys, don't leave them!; Let adoption be your choice!; Responsibility through all seasons; Summer passes, friends remain; The dog is chipped, the guardian is calm; Castrate, don't philosophize! Because abandoned animals don't fall from the sky...”

And how much celebrities love animals is evidenced by their statements. Gala Svilan stated: "I am never separated from my dog, and the thought of leaving him and going on vacation without him is simply unacceptable to me." Luka Budak agrees with her, who emphasizes that partings, trips, moving, going skiing or to the sea coast should not be an excuse for anyone to reject animals: "When I adopted Mrma, I immediately knew that it was forever. I would like as many people as possible to experience adoption as an opportunity for a noble act that literally saves a life." "If you want an animal, definitely get one from a shelter, don't buy one!" said Zdenka Kova鋱鋀k. And Doris Pin鋱 thinks the same way: "Animals should not be bought but adopted in order to provide them with a new home and the opportunity for a happy life."

Model Zvona Vuckovi said: "When I adopted a dog from a shelter, I stood by him with my first and last name! Microchipping is the simplest way to put an end to dog abandonment finally. A dog is a choice, but also a responsibility.” Actress Ksenija Paji also pointed out that her dog Amy was adopted, microchipped and castrated: "Animals are sensitive beings and depend on our responsibility, and my Amy is a family member to me." Actor Slavko Sobin feels the same way about his dogs: "I adore Bubu and Mara, I can't imagine life without them and I'm aware that it's a long-term responsibility – a friendship to the end." With lots of love and patience, responsibility is demonstrated by adoption, microchipping, and neutering.”

Franka Bateli states that the abandonment of animals should be punished more severely, because animals are not consumable goods that we use for a certain time or as long as we feel like it, and then throw them away irresponsibly. Mario Valenti claims the same: "It is better not to take an animal into your home if you are not ready to take care of it for life." Igor Me隘n stated: "There is no justification for abandoning animals." You can always find care, and the sea is good for dogs.", while Rene Bitorajac added: "Whoever can abandon an animal, cannot be good to people either."

Tarik Filipovi, the face of the campaign "Family to the sea, and the dog to the street?!" last year, concludes: "It is terrible that there are still people who, especially before the annual holidays, throw animals into the street, into the forest or even drown them." I appeal to everyone who takes care of pets to castrate them and not abandon them. It's hard to find a home for just one puppy or kitten, let alone look for a solution every year for new animals coming into the world."

Translated by Vito ubrilo

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