08/29/23 All Animals Feel!

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Day whose goal is raise awareness of speciesism, its meaning and consequences

- From Sanctuary Sunny Hill (Utočište sunčani bregec) and Animal Friends Croatia an appeal to think about “invisible” animals

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It is well known today by all that animals suffer and feel, also confirmed by numerous ethological studies proving that animals are conscious beings with various types of intelligence and refined emotional and social capabilities. Regardless of that, animals continue to hold a status of ownership, can be bought and sold as if though they are goods or products, and the interest of different industries that exploit them is considered more important than the basic animal rights. This means that the human attitude towards the animals is still based on speciesism - discrimination based on species.

Animals Friends Croatia invite all who care for this to end discrimination on base of species that on the World Day for the Abolition of Speciesism, which is this year celebrated on August 26th, to think over on how they can avoid speciesism in everyday life and language. They explain that, first of all, it can be avoided by the vegan way of life – this way we do not breach the basic right of animals to live without being exploited by people. They also add that speciesism does not have a logical base and it is unfair as people share awareness, emotions and a wish for life with other animal species with which they have to achieve coexistence on this planet, instead of torturing them and turn them into robots and items.

It is estimated that each year people kill more than 80 billion land animals and up to 2,500 billion fish. Regarless of means of cultivation, industrial or organic, they suffer. Cows are animals whose body is most intensively used for human diet and male calves, as unwanted by-product of this industry, end up in production of veal. Egg industry is cruel towards chickens and unwanted male chicks that are killed immediately after birth. The cruel practices, as a sad everyday life of animals on farms, nobody would do to cats and dogs: „The society has molded us and conditioned us by belief that it is all right to treat animals on a farm differently, even though this is not neither right or fair.”

On how different animal species do not deserve discrimination and different treatment the best witness is Nikola Bosak from Sanctuary Sunny Hill where home is shared together by saved cats and dogs, as well as around 50 animals from farms: chickens, geese, ship, ducks, turkeys, goats and pigs. Nikola Bosak, on ZeGeVege Festival stage, that will be held on September 1st and 2nd, 2023, at Zagreb European Square, will share a story about once neglected piglet Tonika pulled out from the horror yard, white goose Biba who was found hanging in a plastic bag by a container, three-legged goat Vili and other individuals who inhabit the sanctuary.

„When you spend the time with these animals and realize how playful they are, stubborn, social or jealous, that is when you see their character traits, you soon realize they are as complex also as any other species on the planet including cats, dogs and us people. Discrimination on the basis of species should be abolished, as also discrimination on basis of race or any other basis. This is the evolution lead as much as by emotion as also by reason and sense for justice”, Nikola Bosak stated.

Animal Friends Croatia note that all who do not want to participate in animal exploitation can change animal products for those being plant-based, choose products that are not tested on animals, do not visit zoos and aquariums, replace fur, animal skin, wool and silk with eco-materials and not buy animals but instead adopt a cat or a dog.

Nikola from Sunny hill [ 343.67 Kb ]

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