10/30/23 Let Us Paint Ourselves in Colours of Compassion and Sustainability

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Marija Omaljev, Vegan Day Ambassador, and coaches Ivana Martinec and Marko Samardžija invite all to positive change

- Vegan flags fly across Croatian cities, Meštrović Pavillion and National University Library Fountains bathed in colours of veganism

On World Vegan Day, globally celebrated on November 1, multiple Croatian cities will be decorated with vegan flags. Zagreb, Opatija, Makarska, Krapina, Vukovar, Slavonski Brod, Čakovec, and Samobor will bathe in the colours of compassion, and in addition to vegan flags, green, blue, and white will be projected on Meštrović Pavillion and fountains in front of the National University Library in Zagreb on October 30, starting at 6 pm.

World Vegan Day is celebrated annually in an effort to introduce the public to a vegan lifestyle and spread awareness of the multifaceted benefits of veganism. An ever-increasing number of people opt for veganism as they accept the fact that it is possible to live normally by choosing food, cosmetics, or clothes for which animals do not have to suffer or be killed. Going vegan has become an issue of general sustainability considering that using animals for food has been linked to enormous usage of natural resources, global hunger, and cataclysmic destruction of the environment.

Having recognised this, actress Marija Omaljev, ambassador of World Vegan Day, invited others to join her: “Veganism is certainly one of the best decisions of my life. Going vegan reminds me of the movie Matrix; as if I had picked the red pill and started looking at the world from a completely new perspective. I cannot believe that there was a time I ate other creatures, beings that had a mother, brown or blue eyes and an equally yearning desire to live as we do. I am happy because my decision allows me to defend the weaker ones every day, those who cannot say ‘help’ and, as such, I believe being vegan is my duty. The vegan flag which is flying across Croatia on World Vegan Day is a symbol of ultimate charity and a symbol of our aspiration to make this world a better place,” she stated on the occasion.

Ivana Martinec and Marko Samardžija, plant-based dietitians and fitness trainers, also aim to encourage everyone to adopt healthier and more active habits: “When you go vegan, you reach a completely new level of awareness which helps you realise that every life is equally worthwhile. The realisation that we are no longer part of a system that promotes farming for killing and consumption of bodies of innocent creatures, has a positive impact on our mental health. A wholesome plant-based diet makes us healthier and more energetic. On average, vegans weigh less and have lower risks of diseases that drain immense funds from the health system. If you want to make a positive change for yourself, your health, environment, and animals – go vegan!” They recorded a video in which they explained the different benefits of veganism.

Animal Friends Croatia encourage the public to cover themselves in colours of compassion, as will many Croatian cities flying green-blue-white vegan flag, and join the Veggie Challenge at www.veganopolis.net to learn about veganism and vegan products. They emphasise the World Day of Veganism offers an ideal opportunity to do so.

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