11/06/23 It is Imperative to Educate Youth on the Link between Diet and Environmental Protection

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OAZA Joyful Kitchen restaurant and Zagreb City Council educate youth on responsible diet

- November 7, 17:30, OAZA Joyful Kitchen dining hall: Dominica Firšt holds a lecture on the environmental impact of diet

Vegan restaurant OAZA Joyful Kitchen and Zagreb City Council have launched the Food Wave – Empowering Urban Youth on Climate Change project to educate youth on the importance of raising awareness of climate change and the link between responsible behaviour and diet. The project is based in the OAZA Joyful Kitchen dining hall and involves a selection of interactive lectures on several topics in the sphere of diet and environmental protection. On November 7, Animal Friends representative Dominica Firšt will give a lecture on “Comparing different diets and their impact on climate change.” Entry is free for all lectures and visitors will be offered tasty snacks.

Numerous research has shown that meat, eggs, and dairy products have a negative effect on climate change, while plant-based diet rich in fruit, vegetables, grains, and legumes actually helps protect the planet. Transitioning to a plant-based diet helps reduce the carbon footprint and moderates climate change while improving human health, states the “Climate Change 2022: Moderating Climate Change,” by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

According to the so-called climate change calculator, eating one burger or 75g of beef a day over a period of one year contributes to greenhouse emissions equal to driving a car for 11,580 kilometres. In other words, crossing the USA coast to coast 2.5 times! However, when we compare it to eating 150g of beans, or a third of an average can, the greenhouse emissions equal driving a car for only 150 kilometres.

“It is beyond any doubt that farming animals cause natural resource waste, deforestation, soil exploitation, water shortage and global hunger and that we need to start working on the burning issue as soon as possible to save the entire ecosystem which will otherwise be destroyed beyond repair. Our future and our hope to survive lie in turning to vegan food production. Young people are increasingly interested in fighting climate change, and the key incentive is education itself,” pointed out Dominica Firšt, student and volunteer for Animal Friends Croatia.

The group invite the public to join the lecture where they can learn how we, as individuals, can directly help stop climate change.

The entry form is available on Facebook event Comparing Different Types of Diet and their Impact on Climate Change.”

Dominica Firšt lecture in OAZA [ 278.93 Kb ]

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