12/01/23 Dubrovnik Finally Secures Registered Animal Shelter

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A pressing long-term problem of abandoned dogs in Dubrovnik solved

- Split and other local communities to build long overdue shelters

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The city of Dubrovnik has finally received its shelter for abandoned animals! The news brought joy to Animal Friends Croatia, Victory Association and akovec Friends shelter which launched the Adopt 家rkovica Dogs a year and a half ago in Dubrovnik to provide care for over 260 dogs from the uncertified shelter in 家rkovica. At the time, long-term volunteer Ana Ivelja became the project manager, currently serving as a shelter manager. Most dogs were treated for disease, neutered, and adopted during the period.

The remaining thirty-four 家rkovica dogs have been transferred to the city shelter and are currently still waiting for adoption. The city council has announced plans to clean up 家rkovica area and plant six thousand new plants.

“We are particularly pleased to learn that after many empty promises and the scandal surrounding the uncertified and unfit dog accommodation on top of the hill overlooking the city, Dubrovnik has finally set up and certified a shelter that meets all regulations. Thus, it has met its legal obligation to care for abandoned dogs within its city limits. We consider this to be a positive first step in the high-standard implementation process of the Animal Protection Act,” states Animal Friends Croatia.

They add they hope the shelter, which can currently home seventy-four dogs, will successfully care for and rehome abandoned animals from the city of Dubrovnik but also local communities with which they cooperate. It is important for Dubrovnik to also use all other tools provided by the Animal Protection Act to prevent further animal abandonment, as well as to fund the neutering of owned cats and dogs, organise systematic checks of dog micro-chipping via home visits, significantly increase the rate of feral cat neutering and organise their feeding stations, and educate citizens on responsible animal care.

“The registered shelter, with the infrastructure and the right number of staff as prescribed by the Ordinance on Conditions to be Met by Animal Shelters, will certainly serve as a positive example for other local self-government units. The city council will have to continuously provide funding to ensure the shelter is adequately staffed, making it the pride of the city of Dubrovnik, and providing impeccable care for abandoned animals. In addition, we expect all other local communities within the Dubrovnik-Neretva County to meet their legal obligations,” emphasizes Animal Friends Croatia.

The group invited the Split city council and other local self-government units, who have made numerous promises in the past but have not yet organised animal shelters, to do so regardless of the existing political strife. “Over the past twenty years, many abandoned animals in Dubrovnik have been harmed due to failure to meet legal obligations and a lack of a certified shelter for abandoned animals. It is not the animals’ fault for being neglected and abandoned by irresponsible individuals. They do not have time to wait for cities and municipalities to decide to build shelters and follow regulations. The Animal Protection Act and the Ordinance on Conditions to be Met by Animal Shelters are equally obligatory for all citizens, groups, city councils, municipalities, and counties!”

In conclusion, the group stated the important next step for the Dubrovnik shelter was to actively promote dog adoption with the help of volunteers.

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