12/29/23 Let's choose to celebrate without shooting and explosions!

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The nightmare for kids, elderly, ill, animals and their caretakers has officially begun

- Animal Friends Croatia are pleading the public to not use pyrotechnics and to report others breaking that law

Although pyrotechnics, sadly, can be heard echoing the streets since December 15th, starting today, it is legal to use it - other than firecrackers and bandolier firecrackers which are banned all year long. Fines for people using firecrackers and bandolier firecrackers range from 660 and 1990 euros. Animal friends Croatia are asking everyone to not use any kind of pyrotechnics! This way they will set a positive example for kids which are losing fingers and sight because of pyrotechnics every year, but will also save animals from fear and worse and protect the environment.

There is a positive trend of reduced use of firecrackers and the authorities are punishing the unlawful use and possession of pyrotechnics. Also a positive is that almost fifty towns and districts decided not to have new years fireworks, showing their citizens that there is a way to celebrate without explosions and with a kind regard towards people, environment and animals, who have a hard time surviving the winter period even without the fireworks. Some have chosen more ecological and ethical solutions like lasers or projections or other technological attractions, but some have also redirected the fireworks money towards helping people and animals in need.

Animal Friends Croatia association reminds us that all pyrotechnics disturbs local wildlife like birds and can also lead to their death due to fear and exhaustion and domesticated animals can experience fatal heart failures. Dogs can run away into traffic or get lost due to fear, and sick animals, as well as people, can get worse from the stress.

They consider that moving back to criminalizing all pyrotechnics would be helpful. Next proposed step would be to legalize the sale of pyrotechnics only three days prior to the new year’s celebration and its use only legal on the very new year’s eve and not on the days when nothing is celebrated. Until these changes, they are appealing to the public to report any and every breaking of the current law, and to the police to regularly and responsibly upholds the law.

Most animal caretakers are faced with a struggle these next few days where they are trying to protect and console their four-legged family members. Already they are prepared for short and painful walks, lowered shades and curtains, sedatives and fear that their animals might suffer a heart attack. Elderly, children and sick people are also having a hard time these days, and the already polluted air will be additionally contaminated because of the constant explosions and harmful particles falling on the ground and water surfaces.

“Because of all this, we are calling out to everyone to refrain from using pyrotechnics so we can all together celebrate the coming of a new year in a peaceful atmosphere and allow others to enjoy the celebrations as well. In this day and age, with so many technological alternatives available, pyrotechnics are really not necessary. We remind you that all types of firecrackers are completely prohibited and that all other pyrotechnics are harmful and that we hope even more towns, districts and citizens will follow the positive examples.” - conclude the Animal Friends Croatia.

The list of all towns, cities and districts that will not organize the new year’s fireworks can be found HERE.

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