01/10/24 Food bloggers have published recipes for Veganuary

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Food bloggers share inspiring recipes and tips for the Veggie Challenge in January

- Get inspired by plant-based meal recipes that help prevent diseases and protect the environment

We have entered January, the month when everyone is inclined to make healthier and better life decisions. One of the best decisions an individual can make is to transition to a plant-based diet. The global vegan challenge, Veganuary, has been assisting with this decision for ten years, and the Croatian version of Veganuary, the Veggie Challenge created by Animal Friends, is freely accessible to everyone through the website www.veganopolis.net.

Three individuals who sign up in January will be rewarded with a special gift package, and everyone will receive recipes for delicious meals and useful information via email over 30 days. To spread the word about Veganuary and the idea of making good decisions in January, Croatian food bloggers have joined the initiative. Those among them who share vegan recipes play a significant role in demonstrating how vegan dishes are incredibly tasty, diverse, and appealing to everyone.

Their blogs and social media profiles are a quick and easy way to gain inspiration and various tips for starting the journey towards veganism. What makes their wonderful recipes attractive is the fact that they often share their personal experiences, adding a personal touch to the whole story. They mostly promote whole, fresh foods and seasonal, local products, and the recipes they prepare are simple, creative, and easy to follow.

As emphasized by Animal Friends, some of those worth following and who have joined this beautiful initiative include Instagram profiles: @burbon_i_borovnice run by Nataša Rajčević, @plantbasedfulloftaste run by Matei Negovetić, @eardur run by Jelena Markota, @vegelicije run by Marija Knežević, and @cookie.djo run by Martina Đođo. Personal trainer and plant-based nutritionist Ivana Martinec (@ivana_summarum) also shared tips for Veganuary.

Nataša Rajčević invited everyone to the Veggie Challenge, along with a recipe for lentil stew with coconut milk and sweet potato: "I don't need to 'sell' veganism to you as a personal choice. We all know how many benefits it has for the environment, for our health, and, most importantly, for other beings! Although I strongly believe that veganism is much more than just diet, it has always been my favorite way to introduce people to the philosophy behind veganism. Food is love, food is emotion. If we eat good and tasty food, we will certainly feel good."

Research has shown the incredible health benefits of a quality vegan diet. As noted by Animal Friends, a plant-based diet lowers cholesterol levels in our bodies, which can help prevent various heart diseases. A diverse diet with plant-based foods can help improve symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis and reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and several types of cancer, including stomach, lung, mouth, throat, and colon cancer.

Veganuary also highlights the significant benefits of vegan food for preserving the environment and biodiversity, preventing climate change, and saving drinking water and other natural resources. With Veganuary, it's easier to take the first step toward a compassionate and sustainable lifestyle. Therefore, Animal Friends invites everyone to take advantage of this excellent opportunity for positive changes in January, stating that they are already extremely satisfied with the response.

More about Veganuary and the Veggie Challenge, numerous reasons for choosing vegan products and meals, as well as a multitude of recipes and good advice, can be found onwww.veganopolis.net.

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