01/30/24 Vegans Donated Blood and Received Plant-Based Meal

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Initiative Launched to Introduce Vegan Options in the Canteen of the Croatian Institute for Transfusion Medicine

- Animal Friends: No institution should forget about people with different dietary habits

The Animal Friends association, with the help of volunteers, has initiated a campaign to introduce vegan options in the canteen of the Croatian Institute for Transfusion Medicine. This initiative aims to ensure equal rights and opportunities for all blood donors, regardless of their dietary habits.

Considering the increasing number of people choosing a vegan diet for various reasons, including health, ethical, and environmental concerns, Animal Friends Croatia believes it is necessary to adjust the menu offerings in all public institutions accordingly. The association has officially proposed the introduction of vegan options, such as potato pies, to the Croatian Institute for Transfusion Medicine, which can meet the nutritional needs of blood donors while being acceptable to a broad range of people, including those with allergies and those who simply prefer meals without any animal ingredients.

As part of their initiative, members of Animal Friends visited the Institute on January 24 and participated in blood donation, demonstrating solidarity and dedication to humanitarian work. "With this, we want to encourage reflection on the importance of respecting different dietary habits. During our visit, the Institute made an effort to provide us with a tasty and nutritious vegan sandwich from the Zrno Bio Bistro restaurant. We are grateful for their effort and their kind gesture. Also, after donating blood, we visited the Vegehop restaurant, which has been providing free meals to blood donors for several years," explained Luka Savić, a volunteer from the association.

He added: "Although we don't donate blood for the meals, out of a humane drive to help others, we believe everyone will agree it's not nice to provide something for one group of people and leave others without. Blood donors can't always come as planned and in groups, which is why I believe that a vegan option should always be available in their canteen. Solutions exist; it just takes the will to show it."

Animal Friends Croatia believes that this small, but significant, step would be well-received by blood donors in Zagreb and throughout Croatia, contributing to a better blood donation experience and strengthening solidarity. Additionally, this approach reflects concern for the health and well-being of all community members and respect for different choices and beliefs.

AFC invites everyone to join this humanitarian effort and support the initiative. They believe that the initiative will result in positive changes in the canteen of the Croatian Institute for Transfusion Medicine, and introducing a vegan option will send a message of inclusivity and care for all blood donors. They also encourage everyone to donate blood.

Scientific research indicates that vegan food and products are associated with lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, as well as a lower rate of autoimmune diseases (diabetes, multiple sclerosis, etc.), osteoporosis, and cancer. A plant-based diet also reduces the risk of heart and vascular diseases, obesity, and depression.

Written by: Luka Savić

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