03/01/24 Horror at Paid Accommodation: Dogs in Feces and Trash, Parvovirus Present!

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Criminal Report Against Dog Sitter in Osijek Highlights a Major Problem Across Croatia

- Temporary shelters for abandoned dogs must be registered, and dogs reported to shelters

On a property without water and sewage, filled with garbage, there are at least 20 dogs confined in a dark basement space full of waste and feces, in terribly dirty makeshift boxes with rusty grates, without food and water. There is also an untreated dog with open wounds on feces-covered legs and a female dog with parvovirus. The so-called boxes are filled with such a quantity of urine and feces that it is evident that the dogs do not go for walks but are forced to relieve themselves in that small space. This is just a fraction of the shocking contents of the criminal report filed by activists of the Victory Association in Osijek.

Scenes straight out of a horror movie are happening at a private accommodation run by a so-called dog sitter in Osijek, who advertises herself among animal protection associations and on social media as a great animal lover, claiming to have "completed Cambridge for the education of children and dogs cohabitation." There is no registered activity for an animal hotel or shelter, and to naïve animal rescuers, she presents herself as a person who, along with her husband, opened a pet accommodation after previously being engaged in the same business in Pore. She charges animal welfare associations 50 euros for dog care and additional fees for food, for owned dogs 85 euros plus food, and daily care costs 10 euros. She accepts dogs from all over Osijek-Baranja County, as well as from Zagreb.

She boasted that the accommodation has "rooms where dogs can be alone or with someone else as agreed during their stay, indoor boxes, and outdoor boxes with a covered area." She also added that she walks the dogs three times a day and sends pictures and videos of the pets. Photos and videos of neglected and sick dogs clearly confirm that everything mentioned is a lie!
"We are used to such disgusting sights that make everyone sick when it comes to former dog catchers who now operate as shelters, and we have been reporting them regularly for years.

However, we were appalled to learn that this is happening at a paid accommodation. It is shameful that those who promote themselves as animal lovers treat dogs in such a horrible way, who already suffer because they have experienced abandonment and poor care so far. Instead of providing them with temporary accommodation, a pleasant place where they can socialize, heal, and prepare for forever homes, this is a torture chamber and pure animal abuse!" said the outraged Animals Friends Association.

They explain that, due to the large number of abandoned animals and often overcrowded shelters, finders of abandoned dogs have a practice of temporarily housing dogs at paid accommodations with so-called dog sitters. However, they warn that citizens and associations should not give money to individuals who do not have registered facilities for temporary pet accommodation. Every dog they take off the streets must first be reported to a shelter, and an agreement as temporary foster caregivers must be made with the shelter. Otherwise, if they do not report finding a dog to a shelter, they violate the law, and cities and municipalities are not aware of the large number of abandoned dogs they are obliged to take care of.

"Unfortunately, this case, reported to the Directorate of Inspection Affairs, is just one of many illegal animal accommodations in Croatia. Although legality does not always mean adequate treatment of animals, it still allows for control and supervision by relevant inspections. If you want to help abandoned animals, do not pay for their temporary accommodations to individuals who violate legal regulations and abuse animals instead of saving them!" say the Animals Friends, urging everyone to adopt abandoned animals instead of buying them.

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