04/01/24 There is a reason for everybody to take part in the March for Animals!

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Animal Friends Croatia gives 35 reasons why you should join the March for Animals

Zagreb on April 13, at 11:00 a.m. – an opportunity to stand up for better animal protection in Croatia

A crowd of supporters advocating for animal rights and against their exploitation, killing, abandonment and abuse is going to gather at King Tomislav Square on April 13, 2024, at 11:00 a.m.

According to Animal Friends Croatia, people's cruelty and the atrocities they commit against animals are far worse than the terror they inflict on other people, in both quantity and manner. This, as well as the incredibly shocking stories of animal abuse that repeatedly hit the headlines, has provoked us to wave banners bearing strong messages and loudly demand justice for those that cannot be protected by people, let alone escape them or fight back.

“It is hard to believe that we live in a country where someone who was sexually abusing dogs for six years suffered no legal consequences as the limitation period of their case expired. It is also hard to believe that a high-school student could abuse and kill a cat in full view, while no one present did anything to stop him; or that a dog could suffer through years of pain caused by a giant tumour and ultimately die as a chained dog despite countless complaints and attempts to provide him with veterinary care and better living conditions. It is terrifying that a veterinarian could assess that a maltreated horse was in excellent health even though the brutal beating of the animal had been caught on camera and shocked the whole nation,” warn Animal Friends Croatia.

They also added it was dreadful that individuals still bred chinchillas, allegedly as pets, only to then export them for their fur, even though fur farming had long been banned in Croatia. In reality, animals never receive proper protection in Croatia, and their abusers go unpunished because of procedural deficiencies, bureaucratic errors, lack of enforcement, or negligence.

“It is time to publicly oppose such practices! It is time to stop the abuse and lack of empathy towards animals! The above-mentioned actions carried out against animals should not be considered normal or be tolerated. Animals cannot demonstrate or stick up for themselves, which is why they need us to do it on their behalf. We are the ones who can increase their suffering or provide them protection, in a more or less direct way. That is why it is our responsibility to demand changes!” they conclude, providing a list of 35 reasons, even though there are many more, to join the March for Animals on April 13, 2024.

You can fill in a volunteer application form or apply for the organized transport to the March from Osijek, Đakovo and Slavonski Brod.

Translated by: Magdalena Željeznjak

March for the animals, photo: Jelena Rasic [ 320.49 Kb ]

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