03/27/24 Easter with delicious vegan dishes and no purchase of animals

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Animal Friends Croatia invites everyone to celebrate the holiday without animal cruelty

- Easter is even more beautiful with vegan ham, vegan pinca bread, and plant-based eggs; bunnies are not toys

During the lead-up to Easter, when heaps of ham, eggs, and lamb are bought, Animal Friends Croatia reminds us that Easter can be celebrated without animal cruelty: "Many of our habits during the holiday are not at all in the spirit of peace, love, and compassion. This is why the holiday season is the perfect opportunity to learn about the benefits of plant-based food and explore dishes that are just as delicious, yet less damaging to the environment, while also being cheaper and not harming any animals. By trying out traditional Easter recipes the vegan way, the only thing you'll leave out of your plate is callousness towards animals."

According to the Association, chickens have an extraordinary memory and can recognize other members of their flock. They talk to their offspring while they're still in the egg, but in the egg industry, they spend their lives in crowded, dirty hangars. From birth, their bodies are manipulated to induce greater productivity, and after a maximum of two years of life, they meet their end by having their necks slashed. Male chicks are useless to the egg industry, so they get killed shortly after birth by strangulation or being ground while still alive.

Even pigs, which are otherwise extremely social animals and show complex forms of social interaction, are subjected to brutal rearing conditions including overcrowded spaces, life without access to light and fresh air, and isolation from natural living conditions. In addition, procedures such as castration, tail docking and teeth clipping are performed without anesthesia. Croatia’s well-known dish “janjetina” is actually a recently born lamb full of will to live, which, before it has a chance to grow up, is taken from its mother and slaughtered.

Also, Animal Friends Croatia urges everyone to paint wooden eggs, instead of chicken eggs, and to fill their Easter baskets with fruits and vegetables, as well as to choose plush toys instead of buying bunnies or chicks as entertainment for children. They remind everyone of the fact that as many as 95% of bunnies bought for Easter do not live to see their first birthday: “Bunnies and chicks must not be just a temporary decoration during Easter. Do not buy animals, but take in an abandoned dog, cat, or bunny. Anyone who considers becoming a pet owner should be prepared for the responsibilities, including long-term obligations, financial expenses, and daily dedication to the new family member.”

Therefore, Animal Friends Croatia directs everyone to www.prijatelji-zivotinja.hr, where they can find more information about the cruelty of animal trade and numerous recipes, such as a recipe for plant-based eggs made from soy milk and chickpea flour, seitan ham, horseradish sauce, almond cheese, a Croatian dish called “French salad” with homemade vegetable mayonnaise, and a delicious pinca bread without eggs.


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