04/24/24 Dog inbreeding and chronical illness

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In light of the World Dog Show being held in Croatia, breeders themselves warn of the suffering of dogs.

- Aesthetic demands placed on animals are cruel and unethical; instead of buying, it's preferable to adopt a dog or cat

In light of the World Dog Show being held in Croatia, breeders have contacted the Animal Friends association warning of the great suffering of dogs with the blessing of the show's organizer, the Croatian Kennel Club (HKS), an association that gathers breeders of pedigree dogs. Breeders claim that in Croatia there is a collusion between trophy dog breeders, the HKS that awards pedigrees to dogs bred in kinship, with sick offspring, and canine judges who participate in rigging victories at shows favoring certain breeders. They state that there is no love for animals in this, but that the dogs are "victims of a hunger for profit."

"The breeders who have approached us are concerned about the well-being of the dogs. They say that purebred dogs in some kennels undergo great torture. Female dogs are exhausted to exhaustion by mating at every heat. Breeding closely related animals, characteristic of breeding, leads to health problems and genetically inherited diseases. Breeders have told us that the HKS, which theoretically prohibits this, tacitly approves and registers breeding even though it is evident in the pedigrees of the dogs that they are relatives. They consider this to be a crime against both the dogs and the people who buy them and then experience trauma when the dog becomes ill or dies," Animal Friends Croatia reports.

Breeding also results in problems with the spine, hip dysplasia, knee dislocation, arthritis, heart failure, encephalitis, skin, digestive and respiratory problems, liver and kidney diseases, epilepsy, and susceptibility to cancer. Due to cruel and absurd breeding standards, many breeds have exaggerated physical characteristics that impair their functioning, they cannot mate naturally, but are artificially inseminated, and puppies are delivered by cesarean section because their heads are too large. Buyers of these animals are unaware that, by choosing an animal based on appearance, they often get a lifelong patient. According to breeders, many members of the HKS have not registered for breeding, do not have registered activities, and do not pay taxes.

On the other hand, Croatian shelters are full of healthy dogs, many of whom have been waiting for adoption for years. "In a situation where we have more than 10,000 abandoned animals annually, breeding animals is cruel and irresponsible. There is no excuse for bringing more puppies and kittens into the world, especially for profit. Every time someone buys a dog, other dogs lose the opportunity for a good life. Shelters are overcrowded, and many abandoned animals never make it to the shelter or to the care of associations, but suffer and die from disease, perish under the wheels of cars or attacks by other animals. Many puppies and kittens are left in the woods still blind and helpless, to die in agony from hunger and cold," Animal Friends Croatia is horrified.

They explain that breeders primarily see animals as mere money or entertainment, goods they genetically manipulate for profit: "A recent study, for example, showed that the sale of dogs in Croatia generates more than 14 million euros in revenue, while the total income from unregistered and untaxed breeding activities is much higher. The huge business with pets encourages the public to see animals as something to be bought, like fashion accessories and home decor, rather than as sentient beings deserving of love and lifelong responsible care. Cruelty is skillfully hidden behind performances and prestige.

Dog buyers and those who attend dog shows do not consider that many exhibitors travel thousands of kilometers to bring dogs to shows, where they are exposed to stress, noise, and excessive grooming, which has nothing to do with hygiene. Almost every dog show is associated with accidents, and fatal cases often occur. For example, at the Euro Dog Show 2007 in Zagreb, several dogs died. The absurdity of dog shows is reflected in the fact that dogs, beings with their specific character traits and appearance, are trying to fit into certain standards manipulated by humans, imposing unnatural demands on dogs and seeking unnatural behavior, which is not in their best interest.

Animal Friends Croatia says that dogs and other animals used for breeding do not exist to fulfill our desires and whims, nor should we create specimens to order. Our aesthetic demands on other animals are unnatural, unjustified, cruel, and ethically unacceptable. They call on everyone who has the time, money, and patience to care for an animal for life, to adopt a dog or cat and to neuter them to reduce the number of unwanted and abandoned animals.

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