12/17/04 High Prices of Vaccination of Dogs

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On December 17, 2004 in club MAMA , Preradoviceva 18 in Zagreb, Animal Friends and Independent Farmers of Croatia held a press conference "High prices of vaccination of dogs against rabied bring in danger both animals and people" and stated that a current price of obligatory vaccination of dogs against rabies, that is 130 kuna, is unreasonably high and a much above expenses of production of the vaccine itself.

Such high prices lead to avoiding of duty of obligatory vaccination and result with greater risks for animals and people and often cause a great problem of abandonment and the killing of companion animals.

It's really great sum of money that ends who knows where. If we consider that in Zagreb only 30,000 dogs are vaccinated per year and we must mention that the money doesn't go to programs of reducing of number of strays, building of animal shelters or re-homing of companion animals, free neutering and spaying of dogs and cats or similar projects which would bring benefit to entire community.

The two organizations believe that cutting down the expenses of obligatory vaccination against rabies is urgent, necessary and in the best interest of people and animals of Croatia.

Animals Friends sent a letter to Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management concerning high prices of obligatory vaccination of dogs against rabies which is unreasonably high and we demand urgent cutting down of that prices, what is in the interest of everyone in Croatia.



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