01/27/05 Murder for a Coat

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Every year tens of millions of animals are killed for their fur. Farmers, hunters, poachers, fur shop owners, fashion designers and those who wear fur garments are all responsible for murder for a coat!

As a result of empty and conceited fashion trends, a single fur coat takes lives of up to 20 beavers, 24 foxes, 30 raccoons, 34 nutrias, 40 opossums, 60 minks, 200 chinchillas, 240 ermines, 400 squirrels...

In order to show what they think of murder for the sake of profit, vanity and fashion, Animal Friends will hold a performance about making of fur coats on January 27, 2005, at 12 noon, at Petar Preradovic Square. "Animals," symbolically chained and cramped in a cage, will be "skinned" and thrown at the stack of naked corpses as their fur will became a disgrace of fashion industry.

On fur farms animals are raised exclusively for their fur. They spend their entire lives in tiny wire cages full of filth, fur balls and waste of other animals, forced to cannibalism and without any veterinary care. When murder time comes, animals are pulled out of cages with wire nooses placed around their necks.

Before skinning their necks are snapped or poisons are injected in their hearts. Or they are poisoned with gas or killed with electric shocks of 240 V when one electrode is put in their mouth and the other in vagina or anus. Sometimes animals only lose consciousness but are still alive when they are skinned.

Fur industry causes pollution of the environment. This is especially the case in Croatia which is leading world producer of chinchilla fur. In only six months, Chinchilla d.o.o. managed to produce 10,5 tons of waste, that is, corpses of skinned animals! For making of fur coats it takes 60 times more energy than for making of faux fur coats. Furthermore, in the process of manufacturing of fur dangerous chemicals are used which pollute water and threat human health.

Manufacturing of fur in 21st century is not acceptable, nor ethically nor ecologically. That is why modern countries like Austria ban breeding of animals for fur and manufacturing of fur as well. For horrible suffering of animals and for ecological damages caused by fur manufacturing murderers, fur promoters and those who wear fur garments are equally responsible!

Animal Friends asks all citizens not to turn their heads away in front of violence towards animals and to, in stead of barbaric fur, choose clothes in whose making animal torture and agony aren't incorporated.


Animal Friends invites you to a protest against fur which will take place on Saturday, February 12, 2005, at 11 A.M. Protest march will start off by the Well of Life in front of Croatian National Theatre (HNK) in Zagreb and will go along Frankopanska ulica, Ilica, Ban Jelacic Square, Ilica, Margaretska, Petar Preradovic Square, Preradoviceva ulica, Masarykova, HNK.

Join us, raise your voice for animals!

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