07/14/05 Horrific Experiments and the Killing of Dogs!

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Animal Friends invites to a protest against experiments and the killing of beagles on the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Zagreb and bring disturbing video footage and pictures to the public

In the evening hours of June 30, 2005, 43 beagles have arrived from the breeding facility for dogs used for animal experiments in Italy on the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Zagreb. According to reliable information we have received from an employee on the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Zagreb, the dogs will go through physical checkups by the end of this week, whilst cruel experiments, which will end up by deaths of all dogs after approximately 10 weeks, will start with the beginning of the next week!

The dogs are held under terrible conditions: constantly confined into narrow cages, amongst their own excrement, without daily walks, toys and contact with other animals and people, necessary for their socialization. On one of the photographs taken on the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, and according to the statement from one source from the Faculty, technicians responsible to care about the dogs are carrying dogs by their necks instead of walking them. Dogs are constantly barking and throwing themselves on the bars of the cages, driven mad by lack of movement in captivity, under stress and boredom, which can be seen on the video footage.

Animal Friends invites to a loud protest which will take place in front of the building of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Heinzelova ulica 55 near the Croatia Bus coach house, on Thursday, July 14 at 12 noon. The protest will be repeated this Saturday, on July 16 on the Ban Jelacic Square at 12 noon. Activists will with banners, megaphone, handing out leaflets and showing the video footage invite the public and authorised institutions to question the legal actions of these experiments and to condemn the horrible practice which, under suspicious circumstances, is taking place on the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Zagreb. Disturbing video footage and high-resolution pictures of the caged dogs on the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine will be available on the protest.

Already for four years at least experiments of purposeful breaking of bones of healthy dogs have been continually conducted on the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, while the healing of their bones is lately monitored. It is questionable whether the dogs are anesthetized or not, who conducts the experiments and which purpose it exactly serves. According to some sources, the dogs are routinely killed after the experiments that last three months, most likely with the injection of poison in their heart, because classical euthanasia is too expensive.

According to the Act 28 of Animal Welfare Law, experiments on animals may only be conducted by legal persons pursuant to the Decision authorising the conduction of experiments, which shall be issued by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management. However, according to their spokesperson, the Ministry never issued the permission for the experiments on these beagles on the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, meaning that these experiments are conducted illegally and that persons involved in such experiments are breaking the Animal Welfare Law! Even though penalties that should be imposed for breaking this act are exceptionally low, Animal Friends sent a report to the Veterinary Inspection in which they ask for the inspection of the experiments conducted on beagles on the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and maximal penalties that should be imposed for such misdemeanors.

Beagle is a hunting dog, which needs a lot of activity. It is well known as a family dog, cuddly, sociable, and friendly to all people and loyal to the whole family. Each beagle to whom the bones would be broken on the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine could be your dog. Because of its genetic code, small size and small needs for food, beagles are the most common laboratory dogs, which are bred for the experiments in special breeding facilities, in controlled conditions, thus being treated as live meat for the experiments. Since the price for one beagle is about 600 Euro, the question arises who pays for the experiments on beagles, do workers on the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine do their job according to the rules of their profession, or are they, according to the arrogance of their refusing to answer the questions about the experiments on beagles, conducting a dirty business for some other scientific institution or pharmaceutical company?

We request to learn the truth about why the employees of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine refuse to speak about these experiments, who gave them permission and to what purpose! As tax payers and consumers we refuse to finance cruel and horrible animal experiments, whose only result is great suffering. Animal experiments are sick and completely wrong methods of scientific research, which spend time and money in vain and do not help anyone, nor are they necessary for the development of medicine. While investing in animal experiments is continuing with neck-breaking speed, the plain and obvious truth is that using animals in laboratories as a substitute for humans rather postpones than helps the medical development.


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