04/20/05 Zagreb Zoo

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Animal Friends is reacting to the allegations of the Zagreb zoo regarding the cruel killings of animals, whose execution was ordered by the Zoo's director Mladen Anic

As an animal rights organization, we are completely against keeping animals in the zoos, because zoos are merely prisons for animals in which they suffer despite of seemingly proper conditions. As for the Zagreb zoo, we think that animals should be moved from the city centre to the appopriate nature park where they could enjoy more natural enviroment and more freedom. We harshly condemn maltreatment of the Zagreb zoo animals that (according to the testimony of the zoo staff) was repeatedly occuring in the past. In the present time, we do not have any reason to believe that the zoo animals are mistreated, even if their imprisonment alone is a form of the given. The current conditions are far from the appropriate ones (according to veterinarian Ingeborg Bata), even if they are better than those in the past. As an animal rights organization, we will react to any sign of maltreatment of animals in Zagreb zoo, but we will also want to emphasize the horrible life conditions of a Split zoo, for example.



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