05/25/06 The Animal Protection Act in the Parliament

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The Animal Protection Act passed it's first Croatian Parliament reading: Members of the Parliament want animal breeding for fur to be banned and a longer period before euthanising dogs in shelters

The proposal of Animal Protection Act by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management on today's first reading was evaluated as a significant step forward and an improvement in comparison with the old Animal Protection Act. It was pointed out that this type of Animal Protection Act is not only the result of a need to adjust the Croatian legislation to the legislation of the European Union, but a necessity that our legislative should be adjusted to the Croatian public's awareness regarding protection and animal's rights and a civilization's step forward when it comes to animal's rights around the world.

Members of the Parliament Andrija Hebrang, Tonino Picula, Durdja Adlesic and Bozidar Pankretic representing club members of HDZ, SDP, HSLS and HSS and invidualy Miljenko Doric (HNS), Alenka Kosisa Cinic-Sain (HNS), Ingrid Anticevic Marinovic (SDP), Sime Lucin (SDP), Ivanka Roksandic (HDZ) and Ivo Banac (independent) agreed that a breeding animals for fur purview should be added to the Animal Protection Act, which was also suggested by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management. Also, members of the Parliament have almost unanimously agreed that a 30-day period after which dogs can be put to death is not acceptable and should be much longer.

It was also suggested that performing any surgical procedures on animals should be allowed only to experts; that keeping dogs on chains should be banned; that larger fine should be set for abandoning animals, owner’s irresponsible behavior and animal torturing as well obligatory chip implants for dogs. Members of the Parliament pointed out setting up an Ethical Committee that will give opinions on animal-experimenting and wild animal circus prohibition (although they believe it should refer to all animals) as positive purviews. The majority of members of the Parliament approved the purview regarding obligatory pig stunning before slaughtering, although some of them believe that with this the tradition of "kolinje" - back yard pig slaughter - will disappear.

Animal Friends believes that the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management will accept all opinions of ruling political parties and include them into the final Animal Protection Act proposal.

For more information you can contact Animal Friends whose representatives monitored this Parliament debate.



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