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Slaughterhouse wants to "save" the escaped bull 12/02/2020

As before in similar cases, the public last week showed solidarity with the young bull who escaped from the slaughterhouse in Slatina and wished for a happy ending to his story. However, many citizens contacted the Animal Friends Croatia, pointing out the hypocrisy of the Slatina factory, which even gave the bull a name, calling him "our brave Joza", stating that those who planned on slaughtering him just a few days ago, now wishes to save him! "Last year, almost 184,000 cattle were slaughtered in Croatia. The slaughterhouse's announcement that they want to save the bull sounds like the Nazis announcing that they want to save a runaway Jew. You can't portray the brutal slaughter of a sentient being as a warm family story and the executioners as saviors, ”Animal Friends said sharply. They state that slaughter is the most brutal act in the relationship of man to animals, which cannot be defended or justified.

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