Another Successfull Prevention of Smuggling Protected Killed Birds

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At custom transition "Gunja-Brcko," on Sunday, September 17, 2006, there was another successful prevention of smuggling birds. Older Italian citizen (71) tried to smuggle 423 killed birds through Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia to Italy.

Due to Zeljko Vukovic, M.A., higher inspector of Croatian Ministry of Culture, custom authorities found out the attempt of smuggling killed protected birds from which have been 375 stripped anthus trivialis, 45 quails, 2 bluish trellis and one starling.

"Stripped anthus trivialis, bluish trellis and qualis are on the list of strictly protected type of the birds. Therefore Italian citizen ought to have the permition for transport and transition through Croatia from the authorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but he did not have any of that," said mister Vukovic.

That way, Italian citizen have had broke the Nature Protection Act. The protected killed birds are taken from him, and he is convicted with minimally financial punishment of 7,000 kunas. The predicted conviction for this crime is between 7,000 and 30,000 kunas.

Both with these penalties, offender will be proceed with conviction versus Legality about customs duties due to illegal import of goods, and criminal charges from police authorities because of avoiding customer overview.

Due to Inspector Vukovic the value of the strictly protected birds is 301,800 kunas. Not long before, the inspectors of department of the Nature Protection prevented the smuggling of the 588 killed protected birds in customs county of Ilok.

These birds, as well as those found earlier, have been intended for Italian gastronomy marketing.

Bird determination on the border-crossing Gunja [ 35.66 Kb ]Killed birds on the border-crossing Gunja [ 54.94 Kb ]



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