11/08/06 Massacre in Klovicevi dvori

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Animal Friends tried to stop a criminal act and breaking of the Animal Welfare Act

Animal Friends received an anonymous information that in the Gallery Klovicevi dvori in Zagreb a performance will be held possibly involving a slaughter of animals. Since this kind of act in the sense of a performance is illegal and by following through with the act the Criminal Law is broken (Act 260) as well as the Animal Welfare Act (Act 5), the organization activists made an attempt to prevent the criminal act.

The brutal act of cutting rooster's blood vessels occurred anyway while filming the whole process in spite of the activists' desperate attempts to prevent Vlasta Delimar from torturing and murdering the animal.

As they gave a warning that the Criminal Law had been broken and in fear of it happening again, Animal Friends called the police who confirmed a multiple law breaking. Therefore, a misdemeanor violation will be filed against the person who performed the criminal act. The crime unit examined the crime scene as well. The actual slaughter was carried out by cutting the neck blood vessels and not by beheading, which is an additional torture for the animal. Moreover, that was an additional breaking of the law and the rules about killing or putting animals to sleep.

A misdemeanor violation will be also filed against Milan Bozic, an unmarried spouse of the performance executor, due to use of rough force towards a member of the organization who was being moved away from the place of the incident.

Workers of Klovicevi dvori were also examined to appoint their possible involvement in the stated criminal act as well as the conditions of the animal prior to the slaughter. Animal Friends believes that it is a huge shame for Klovicevi dvori being a cultural establishment, and also for the cultural scene of the City of Zagreb, to let an incident of torturing and killing animals occur under their roof.

Animal Friends hopes that after this incident the public establishments will take better notice of what happens under the aegis of art and culture they represent, and also stay away from supporting animal torture and cruelty. The organization expects the artists themselves to realize this as a notice to exclude animals from their artistic and cultural expression.

As an animal rights organization and the organization that promotes vegetarianism Animal Friends is aware that for the sake of eating meat animals are killed every day. However, the organization is also aware that putting animals to sleep should be under strict control in order to avoid individual's arbitrariness and prevent additional suffering and torture of animals.

According to the new Animal Protection Bill and European Union directives it is expected that the sanctions of animal abuse for purpose of entertainment, art, and culture will be aggravated. Moreover, killing of animals in households will be put under expert supervisors who will stupefy an animal prior to being killed in order to prevent additional suffering and pain. With that, the minimum legal requirements are met upon the most brutal attitude between humans and animals-slaugter.

Animal Friends will also forward a notification to the veterinarian inspection as well as address the castigation to Klovicevi dvori.

Slaughter in the Klovicevi dvori1Slaughter in the Klovicevi dvori2Slaughter in the Klovicevi dvori3Slaughter in the Klovicevi dvori4Slaughter in the Klovicevi dvori5



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