02/04/07 Let's Save Wilbur's Friends

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Will piglet be saved from the fate of a roast?

Family movie by Gary Winick was made according to the cult book Charlotte's Web which is one of the major bestsellers of children's literature that was written by E.B. White. After the premiere on February 4, 2007, in multiplex cinema CineStar Zagreb, it will be further showed in all Croatian cinemas since February 8, 2007.

On the occasion of the movie premiere Animal Friends' activists handed out leaflets and stickers asking guests at the premiere to be compassionate to animals. Animal Friends' info stall visited Croatian celebrities Zlatan Zuhric Zuhra and Hamed Bangoura, whilst Internet surfers can win 10 tickets for "Charlotte's Web" movie on Animal Friends' web site www.prijatelji-zivotinja.hr.

The movie promotes vegetarian lifestyle through love that little girl Fern had for the piglet Wilbur. She doesn't want Wilbur to be slaughtered, nor the Wilbur himself wants to be slaughtered, which is actually the point of this movie, that like every other pig in the world Wilbur doesn't want to be slaughtered for food.

In "Charlotte's Web" the piglet is saved thanks to his animal friends. Unfortunately, in real life millions of pigs are slaughtered every year and processed into sausages, salamis and hams which are eaten by humans.

Pigs are sensible, intelligent animals which make strong emotional bonds between each other. They are more intelligent than dogs, loyal and playful. But in factory farming business terrified piglets, only a few weeks old, are taken away from their mothers. They are trapped and confined in a way that they can barely move. The first time they see sunshine is the time when they are loaded to trucks which take them away to slaughterhouses. In slaughterhouses piglets are so horrified by screams of piglets slaughtered before them they can't even move. Some are still conscious while slaughtered.

Pigs are friends, not food, so the best thing we can do for them is stop eating them! If you still see no reason to become vegetarian, go and watch the movie "Charlotte's Web" about the piglet who doesn't want to become a ham!

Young actress Dakota Fanning who plays Fern stopped eating pigs after the shooting of the movie. All animals used in the film were later moved to animal shelters and won't be slaughtered.

Animal Friends calls everyone to go and watch this interesting and educating film.

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