10/01/07 The Concert on the World Vegetarian Day

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Animal Friends invites to the concert "With Vegetarianism Against Global Warming"

- October 1, Boogaloo: Hakuna Matata, Davorin i Bogovici, Dead by Mistake, SoM, Plan B, October Light, and Things Fall Apart

It is the third year in a row that Animal Friends celebrates the World Vegetarian Day with a concert in order to motivate the public to reflect upon the ethical, health, and ecological reasons for meatless nutrition.

The theme of this year's concert is global warming, a problem that is given far too little attention in Croatia. A number of concerts have taken place this year throughout the world, while in Croatia this is the first one dedicated to this burning issue.

Cattle breeding spends a huge amount of natural resources and causes great ecological damage, directly contributing to global warming. By adopting vegetarian lifestyle, we are fighting this problem more efficiently than by diminishing the emission of gasses from cars or power plants.

The concert will take place at the Boogaloo club (OTV building at 68 Vukovarska ulica, Zagreb) on Monday, October 1, 2007, beginning at 7:00 P.M. This year, visitors will again have the chance to get acquainted with vegetarian nutrition, since a tasty vegan sandwich will be given out with each entrance ticket. An info stand will be placed in the main hall and there will be a video projection dedicated to the ecological aspects of vegetarianism. The program moderator is Marija Strajh.

The music program will include experienced Croatian musicians, as well as some who are on the rise:

HAKUNA MATATA – the band of Kresimir Misak, editor and moderator of TV-show "At the Edge of Science."

DAVORIN I BOGOVICI – with some new members, but and still without a new name; it is interesting that this is the first joint public appearance of the former members of Prljavo kazaliste, Nino Hrastek and Davorin Bogovic!

DEAD BY MISTAKE – a young band from Varazdin that have been attracting the attention of audiences and critics throughout Europe; their first video clip has become very popular on MTV Adria, as well as in the States, where they have also taken part in a reality show.

S.o.M. – a creative and unusual sensation, combining the traditional music of Croatia with doom-metal, which adds drama and accentuates the songs. The powerful and heavy sound of instruments is pierced by a female vocal struggling through the darkness and heralding joy and hope.

OCTOBER LIGHT – a young band from Medjimurje region have brought people to dance throughout Europe with their joyful ska sound! They have had around 40 concerts in a single year, which proves their excellence.

THINGS FALL APART – a screamo band, simply adored by all the EMOtionals on the underground scene.

PLAN B – a bunch of punk merrymakers that bring audiences onto their feet and leave them in a trance.

Eating meat, regardless of whether one is used to it or not, is hardly worth the changes in the world climate or killing animals and eventually ourselves. Turning to a vegetarian and vegan nutrition is the simplest solution to this global problem and the Zagreb concert "With Vegetarianism Against Global Warming" is only a small step in that direction.

The concert is taking place in the framework of the Animal Friends Days, during which Animal Friends organizes various events each year for the World Vegetarian Day (October 1), World Day of Farm Animals (October 2), and World Animal Protection Day (October 4), as well as to mark the anniversary of their existence.

The concert is sponsored by: Boogaloo, Nova glazbala, Encian, Zvijezda, Annapurna, Tomar, Repro Eko, Pretti, Kron-Z, and Zale.

Journalists can pick up their backstage pass at the cashier of Boogaloo club on the day of the concert.

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