03/03/08 European V-label for Croatian Consumers

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Label for vegetarian products finally in Croatia

20 years ago European Vegetarian Union launched a label for marking vegetarian food. Many vegetarian societies have since adopted the label, so it became the most widely used vegetarian symbol world-wide. Now it is imported in almost all European countries. Importing the V-label has the long-term goal to continuosly expand the market for meat-free products and to help consumers to find the product they need more easily.

Animal Friends, as member of European Vegetarian Union, announces that the V-label finally came to Croatia, where live about 160,000 vegetarians according to the public opinion survey carried out by Spem Communication Group. Beside them, there are many consumers who want to eat healthier and who take care about ingredients of nutritional products they buy every day. Many consumers may not consume certain foods of animal origin because of health difficulties (allergies and intolerances) or their religious believes don't permit it. The V-label is intended precisely for them, and is guarantee for a healthy product.

Public opinion survey shows that 86% of surveyed persons agree that all the products should have a label whether they are suitable for vegetarians or not.

Around the world the number of vegetarians is constantly growing and great number of foreign tourists in Croatia are vegetarians or consumers who eat healthier and take care of product's ingredients they consume. European V-label on Croatian products means that safety of ingredients and quality of such nutritional products are for sure trustworthy.

Why is the list of ingredients not sufficient?

In the case of half-prepared products, such as soups and sauces, usually it isn't instantly known if they contain meat base or animal fat. One has to be pretty well practiced to correctly read the list of ingredients. Also, there are animal ingredients which do not need to be specified, from different reasons: for example rennet, which comes from calf's stomach, is added in the process of cheese production, and gelatine for vinegar and fruit juices production. Even after asking producers about critical ingredients and in despite of great knowledge about food production, there is always a problem that ingredients in the final product can be changed without information.

Just one look at the V-label will simplify buying vegetarian products, what will be of interest to a large part of consumers.

You can find more information about advantages of the V-label and answers to your questions at www.v-label.info which is translated into Croatian and a leaflet was published by Animal Friends.



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