05/03/08 For Penalization of Tormenters

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Animal Friends branch Slavonski Brod protests because dog murderers are not being penalized

Animal Friends branch Slavonski Brod organizes a protest on Saturday, May 3, 2008 at 11 A.M. in its city center against dog tormentors and murderers.

Animal Friends branch Slavonski Brod together with the citizens wants to bring an end to dog abuse and remind that dogs are not toys and that abandoning and abusing dogs is a serious penal offence. The Criminal Law (Article 260, paragraph 1) provides imprisonment up to six months for animal torture and the Animal Protection Act a fine up to 15,000 kn.

The case of Marija Opacic from Stara Gradiska, who has for several years taken care of the dogs she officially 'owns', while the city council has approved her to call this a small shelter, is shocking. Her dogs were brutally killed; to be more precise, they were strangled, beaten and left in the pool of blood to die. Marija Opacic found her dogs dead with wire wrapped around their neck, bloody and beaten. This motivated us to raise our voices and demand penalization for those who perform such monstrous acts.

Members of Animal Friends branch Slavonski Brod, association Rescue with their dogs and conscientious citizens will take part in the protest against killers and abusers of dogs from all of Croatia. They will especially emphasize the case of Marija Opacic in Stara Gradiska, whose dogs were brutaly killed, but the killers have been sanctioned, nor the investigation has been conducted yet.

We want to mention that Marija Opacic is on a hunger strike because the names of the abusers are not being revealed. The last murder is not the only case of animal killing, because Marija Opacic can testify about the cats who were alive walled in, strangled, and shot.

The identities of dog abusers from Stara Gradiska are known to us, but we ask to publicly reveal the names of these persons, conduct the criminal investigation and to file an offence and a criminal report in order that the animal torturers will not remain without penalization. This should be an example to prevent further animal killing.

Animal Friends branch Slavonski Brod invites citizens on Saturday to come to the city center with their dogs. At 10 A.M. the information stall will be set up, where interested citizens can get the leaflets about animal rights and vegetarianism and sign the current petitions. At 11 A.M. the protest for the penalization of the killers of Marija Opacic's dogs will start and the revelation of the names of the perpetrators who commited such barbarous act will take place.



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