07/04/08 Animals are not Toys

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Gala Svilan and Animal Friends in a campaign against abandoning animals

- Animal Friends and Cro-a-Porter are announcing a summer campaign against abandoning animals before going to summer holidays

This is the seventh year in a row that Animal Friends has organized a campaign 'Family at the Seaside, Dog in the Street?' directed towards protection of abandoned companion animals for the upcoming holidays. The goal of this campaign is to make the citizens and public aware of this growing problem. This year's campaign under the slogan 'Animals are not Toys' joined the City Office for Agriculture and Forestry and Cro-a-Porter.

Declared the sexiest Croatian, Gala Svilan posed to a photographer Dusko Vlaovic in a 'summer ambient' with her dog for Animal Friends’ billboards, sending a message to the public that animals are not toys and that it is our responsibility and commitment to take care of them during the summer holidays as well. Billboards, which have been made by art director Viktor Drago, will be put in Zagreb and other cities across Croatia. Postcards with the same message will be also printed.

Joining this campaign, Gala Svilan said: 'I never part with my dog, and a thought that I would abandon her and go on holidays without her is just unacceptable. I still did not find an ON/OFF button on my Piki, but human hearts obviously have one.'

Because of treatment of animals as toys and the neglect of their guardians, each year during the holidays animals that become strays are invading the streets of cities. They roam hungry and thirsty on hot tarmac, left to abuse and high temperatures. Many of them often end their lives tragically under the wheels of cars or die of hunger and thirst.

According to the Animal Protection Act, abandoning animals can be fined up to 15,000 kuna. In addition to protecting dogs of abandoning by irresponsible guardians, Animal Friends is campaigning for a legal obligation to microchip all dogs. This campaign has been supported by 50 cities in Croatia.

Apart from the Law we have to be aware of our acts and not get animals if we ever mean to abandon them. Dogs, cats and other animals are not our toys, but living beings who deserve respect and have a right for adequate care for the rest of their life.

Support to this campaign also gave Zale, Vector Design, Lotusgraf, Arto, Metromedia, Europlakat, Midiken, index.hr, EPH, T-portal, and Net.hr.

Design of the billboard by Zale.

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