08/11/08 Where are the Vegetarian Options for Tourists?

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Animal Friends announces info stalls, video projection and vegan tastings in Pula, Porec, and Rijeka

Croatia is a tourist country, but its tourist offer persistently disregards the fact that there are tourists who are vegetarians and while they spend their holidays in Croatia they often end up disappointed with the vegetarian menus and will never again visit Croatia regardless of the beauty of its nature and the rest of the tourist offer.

Although, tourists traveling on modern highways, no more have to look at whole lambs on skewers along the roadside, a meatless offer is not much improved. In addition, vegetarians and the ones who ask for meatless meal are often treated like problem guests.

Therefore Animal Friends is organising info stalls, on which is going to offer interesting tastings accompanied by a video projections and handing out vegetarian recipes and educational materials.

In Rijeka, on Korzo, close to the Information center, on Monday August 11 at 11:30 A.M. tasting of egg- and animal-milk-free cakes, such as vegan millefeuilles and cocoa slices will be prepared.

In Pula, on the city market near the fontain, on Tuesday August 12 at 11:30 A.M. some vegan non-meat-sticks, soy medallions and seitan (wheat meat) directly prepared for this occasion will be offer.

In Porec, on the waterfront near by the city hall, the same day at 8:30 P.M. vegan sausages and tofu (soy cheese) will be offered, and the video projection on the screen will start at 9:30 P.M.

Considering that vegetarians don't eat any animals, many of them don't eat eggs, while vegans don't even eat dairy products, it is shameful that in restaurants along our coast waiters offer them fish dishes what evidently shows the lack of education and general information of our catering industry employees.

The vegetarian offer in Croatia significantly lags behind the offer in European countries, which is definitely intolerable for the highly visited tourist country. To give an example, in Germany there are more vegetarians then the population of Croatia. It should also be important to notice that in Croatia there are over 150,000 vegetarians which means that the domestic tourists are pretty much neglected too. With all of that there is more of them, who are not vegetarians yet, but understand providing a meat-free nutrition and, thinking of the animals, environment and their health, change their eating habits to plant food.

Vacation of one vegetarian or vegan in Croatia, especially on the sea side, can be really tough and uncomfortable because caterers are not familiar to that kind of nutrition so they don't have any understanding for their guests. Therefore, it takes a lot of hard work in order to provide a good meal for a guest and to make it possible for him to have a good time on his/her Croatia vacation.

Animal Friends, a member of the European Vegetarian Union, also this year by touring the Croatian cities wants to encourage them to create a better offer for vegetarians and tourists who have a health condition, ecological and ethically evolved views, which is necessary for further touristic and cultural development of Croatia.

On the info stalls the petition for the introduction of vegetarian meals in public institutions in Croatia can be signed.


Tasting in Rijeka 1 [ 85.96 Kb ]
Tasting in Rijeka 2 [ 63.51 Kb ]


Tasting in Pula 1 [ 102.49 Kb ]
Tasting in Pula 2 [ 96.33 Kb ]


Tasting in Porec 1 [ 106.66 Kb ]
Tasting in Porec 2 [ 84.41 Kb ]

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