12/03/08 "No Excuse" on the Air in Croatia!

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Hotel The Regent Esplanade Zagreb is a the host of the promotion of the "I LOVE ANIMALS" band aid song

- We introduce a long-expected Croatian band aid song for animals!

Animal Friends with pleasure invites all media representatives to the promotion of the song
"No Excuse" (Nema isprike), which will be held on Wednesday December 3 at 11 A.M. in The Regent Esplanade Zagreb hotel.
After promotion of the song and video we invite you to meet singers and organizers.

Shortly after the promotion for media representatives, the song "No Excuse" will be aired on all
Croatian radio stations.

On this occasion Animal Friends would like to spotlight the singers and thank them for
their contribution in the band aid project "I LOVE ANIMALS" for giving their voices for animals: Marko Tolja, Tina Vukov, Toni Cetinski, Jelena Radan, Oliver Dragojevic, Ines Bojanic, Lea Dekleva, Lana Banely, Maja Vucic, Massimo Savic, Iva Bagic, Detour, Leona Paraminski, Popper, Klinci s Ribnjaka, and Zagrebacki malisani.

The project "I LOVE ANIMALS" is humanitarian in character and the goal is, besides drawing attention to animal rights and protection, to help build a shelter for abused animals. It is supposed, no matter how difficult the situation for animals is, to animate a positive way of thinking and active involvement of citizens in animal protection and rights, in hope for a better future for all residents of this planet.

All interested citizens will be able to personally contribute in building a shelter for abused
animals with a call on the SOS phone number 060 600 500 (price of a call: 6,82 kn/min from landlines, 8,21 kn/min from mobile phones; tax is charged in price) where they will be able to listen to the part of the song "No Excuse."

We are asking the media to help this campaing by publishing banners, ads, audio jingle, song, video jingle or video clip.

The text and music for the song "No Excuse" (Nema isprike) was written by Lea Dekleva, arrangement by Miro Buljan. The video will be produced and directed by Vanja Vascarac. Photographer is Filip Cargonja.

In the creative and media sector the great voluntary contribution was given by the TBWA agency
Zagreb, the media agency PHD, and the marketing company b.i.p..

Sponsors of project are: The Regent Esplanade Zagreb hotel, Jutarnji list, HR2, Cro A Porter, Europlakat, Marko.tel, TBWA Zagreb, Arto, Vectordesign, and Bauhaus Zagreb.

You can listen to the song at this link (if the song does not open automatically, click right with your mouse and choose an option 'Save target as...').

Promotion of the song 'No Excuse' 4 [ 97.84 Kb ]Promotion of the song 'No Excuse' 2 [ 102.67 Kb ]Promotion of the song 'No Excuse' 1 [ 117.54 Kb ]Promotion of the song 'No Excuse' 3 [ 102.42 Kb ]

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