03/14/09 Seal Slaughter - Olympic Games' Tarnish

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Animal Friends joins PETA and many other groups in protests around the world

- Having their heads "smashed" and "bloodied" with hakapiks, activists want to warn about the inadmissibility of the slaughter in Canada

Last year, more than 200,000 individual seals were killed during the war on seals, and Canada plans to begin this year too its annual merciless attack on seals for their fur. Helpless baby seals, many of whom are only weeks old when they are killed, have their skulls smashed in or are shot point-blank by hunters. Many of them will be skinned alive or will die trapped under the ice after being injured. The seals must watch as fellow pups are bludgeoned to death before meeting the same bloody fate.

On Saturday, March 14, at 12 noon in front of the Canadian Embassy in Zagreb, Gjure Dezelica 4, the activists of Animal Friends will organize a protest and performance in order to call on a boycott of the Olympic Games in Vancouver unless Canada does not end the seal slaughter.

Animal Friends invites citizens to join this protest and to write to the Vancouver Olympic Organizing Committee to help stop the Canadian seal slaughter. The letter can be sent here.

This is just one of the numerous protests which will take place around the world which are demanding the end of the seal slaughter in Canada enacting further bans on import of seal fur, primarily in the European Union.

Croatia, Slovenia, Belgium, The Netherlands, Latvia, Mexico and the United States already banned the trade on seal fur and other products. The European Parliament will vote on this issue at a plenary session on April 1 in Brussels.

Canada persistently tries to justify the bloody campaign against the seals, but pictures and videos sent out to the European media showed that the seal hunt cannot be humane notwithstanding the existing legislation. In addition, it is clear that regardless of the killing methods, the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of seals each year cannot and must not be tolerated.

It is in the interest of the protection of this species, which is also being threatened by the unstoppable climate changes, but also in the interest of the planet we are living on. The planet, such as it is and without the diversity of life as we know now and our efforts to preserve it, simply cannot survive.

This planet and survival of all life on it, which is also threatened by the more and more destructive global warming, needs our active engagement and the protection of all of us, no matter where we live. This is the only way to prevent injustice, destruction and death.

Please write to the Vancouver Olympic Organizing Committee and demand that they help bring an immediate end to the seal slaughter.

Video invitation to the Zagreb demo

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