02/26/10 Bojan's Call for Compassion

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Bojan Jambrosic in a campaign against animal experiments!

On Thursday February 25, 2009 at 1 P.M. in dilapidated urban ambiance of "rockets" skyscrapers in Zagreb, Croatia the shooting for the new Animal Friends' campaign against animal experiments took place.

Young and rising Croatian music star Bojan Jambrosic is a new cover face of Animal Friends whom he joined to bring attention to the animals killed for experiments and call for the purchase of products not tested on animals.

"When Animal Friends contacted me and showed me some of those terrible photos, I did not question at all if I should join this campaign. I am very pleased that this opportunity may draw attention to the senseless and unnecessary killing of animals," said Bojan Jambrosic during the photo session.

Bojan will appear in April at City Lights and billboards through which he will encourage consumers, primarily girls and women, to buy only products from a cruelty-free list of ethical companies, which can be seen at www.animal-friends-croatia.org.

The shooting for the campaign was realized in collaboration with photographer Marina Filipovic Marinshe, Ivan Friscic stylist, Zvonimir Franic who was responsible for Bojan's hairstyle and Lisa Jericevich who took care of Bojan's make-up.

The bunnies from TarraLand haven for rabbits and hares were on the shooting as well in order to encourage adoption and also condemned the purchase of animals.

Dallas Records, Melvita, Zale, Vectordesign, Arto, Europlakat, P.I.O., Lotusgraf, National Foundation for the Civil Society Development, and the Zagreb City Office for Agriculture and Forestry so far also joined the campaign with Bojan Jambrosic.

Bojan Jambrosic photo shooting 1 [ 178.07 Kb ]Bojan Jambrosic photo shooting 3 [ 142.86 Kb ]Bojan Jambrosic photo shooting 2 [ 116.54 Kb ]Bojan Jambrosic photo shooting 4 [ 120.75 Kb ]

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