The Silent Ark

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by Juliet Gellatley with Tony Wardle

Juliet Gellatley's hard-hitting personal story is riveting, bold and persuasive. She exposes the political protection, disinformation and PR glitz which have propped up an all-powerful meat culture. Some in the industry have labelled her "public enemy No 1."

"This is a journey of discovery which will shock and anger you. Its logic is simple: we are destroying the planet and its inhabitants, impoverishing the world's poor and destroying our own health in pursuit of something we don't even need. The tool for this destruction is our abuse of billions of diseased and dejected farm animals. This is a brave and important book which will be seen as a classic." - Michael Mansfield QC

"This is an important book telling the horrors of the animals' and plight and yet telling it with precision and compassion - a mixture which is rare on such a sorrowful subject. Anyone who wishes to enlighten themselves about people and their cruel relationship with other creatures must read it. This book tears at the heart, enlivens the mind and is a large step towards understanding for, having read it, one becomes hooked on putting things right." - Carla Lane

Literatura - Juliet Gellatley: The silent ark



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