07/15/10 Projection of "The Cove" at Biograd na Moru

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Animal Friends invites you to a projection of the Oscar winning documentary "The Cove" at Biograd na Moru

- Info stall and a projection of the film "The Cove" about the unknown side of the "entertainment" industry of exploiting animals and its influence on the entire bio-system.

Animal Friends in cooperation with the City of Biograd na Moru and the animal protection organization "Anima" invites citizens to visit the info stall which will be set up on Tuesday, July 13, and Wednesday, July 14, at 7 P.M. in front of the Town Hall.

At the info stall citizens will get printed educational materials and free DVD compilations about animal rights and ecology, and interested citizens will have the chance to sign the petition against the killing of animals in shelters.

Animal Friends, in cooperation with the distributing company RESTART and LUSH, invite everyone to the projection of the film "The Cove" the next day, on July 15 at 6 P.M., at the town library at Biograd na Moru. Entrance is free, and all visitors are invited to the discussion after the film.

"The Cove" has won several prizes and it follows the story of Richard O'Barry, a former world famous dolphin trainer who realizes that training dolphins was a mistake and that animals have a right to their freedom. Together with the team of activists, film makers and divers, he goes on a mission to break into the hidden Japanese cove and expose the truth about the "entertainment industry."

The film, which has won an Oscar, is dynamic and leads us through the hidden side of dolphin training and the treatment of sea mammals in Japan in an exciting way.

The distributor of "The Cove" for Croatian market is RESTART, an organization aimed at publishing and distributing creative engaged documentary films on the territory of the former Yugoslavia.

Animal Friends wishes to attract attention to the exploitation of animals for entertainment purposes and to expose the hidden side of the industry which disturbs the natural habitats of sea animals, affecting the entire bio-system, including people. It also wants to point out the ways in which people can help sea mammals - by educating and taking a stadnd against killing them, as well as by changing their eating habits and not eating the flesh of fish, and in that way save the oceans and the lives in them.

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