08/13/10 Sweden without Fur!

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- Animal Friends calls upon Sweden to ban the breeding of animals for fur, such as Croatia already did

For many years, Sweden has been one of the bastions of the global fur farming industry and one of the leading countries in the number of fur farms, but activists all around the world urge to completely stop this primitive practice. Twenty years ago there were about 500 fur farms in Sweden, but thanks to the persistent struggle of animal rights activists, today there is about 75 fur farms which breed minks.

The Swedish animal protection association The Animal Rights Alliance investigated the conditions on the Swedish fur farms and uncovered shocking facts about the breeding of animals for fur. The footage and photos from the fur farms show dead, sick and injured animals that show stereotypic behavior and cannibalism. Numerous minks have gaping wounds, rampant infections, missing ears or other body parts. Animals respond to stress and frustration due to the small cages by biting each other to death. In addition to the terrible suffering of animals, it is documented that the fur farms are huge environmental pollutants.

Animal Friends will gather on the World Action Day against Swedish fur farms, on Friday, August 13, at 12 noon, in front of the Embassy of Sweden in Zagreb, Frankopanska 22, and thereby provide support to the Swedish activists in the campaign for the ban on breeding of animals for fur in Sweden. The Animal Friends' representative will hand a letter to the Swedish Ambassador Mr. Fredrik Vahlquist, appealing that Sweden should follow Croatia and bring a civilized and advanced ban on the breeding of animals for their fur and with that become an ethical role model in the humane treatment of animals.

The citizens of Sweden and animal rights activists are asking the representatives of Swedish political parties of the upcoming elections to put a total ban on the breeding of animals for fur. The activists who advocate for the prohibition of fur will protest all around the world on August 13 in front of Swedish Embassies in their countries and thus support the Swedish activists in a campaign that would completely ban fur farming in Sweden. With this act, Sweden would join countries like Austria, Great Britain and Croatia, who have already banned the breeding of animals for fur.

After a short and miserable life in tiny cages, the animals from fur farms are killed by gassing, electrocution, choking, poisoning with strychnine, having their necks snapped, tongues cut off, tongues stuck to frozen metals to keep them hanging, red hot iron rods thrust up their anuses. Such barbarism and abuse have no excuse. Today we have materials that are rich in quality, environmentally and economically much more acceptable, more appealing and warm better than animal materials do. The killing of animals for clothing and luxury has no justification. It is time to not only reject the clothing made of fur, but to completely condemn the killing of animals for their fur.

For more information about the breeding of animals for fur and campaigns against the breeding and selling of fur, please visit www.animal-friends-croatia.org. Footage and photos from the Swedish fur farms can be seen at www.sveketmotminkarna.se/horror-revealed-swedish-fur-farms.

Demo in front of the Swedish Embassy 1 [ 92.32 Kb ]Demo in front of the Swedish Embassy 2 [ 74.61 Kb ]Demo in front of the Swedish Embassy 3

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