02/20/11 Kinofil

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Animal Friends is inviting you to the premiere of a shocking documentary about a disrespect for life

- A heartwrenching story of dogs in the post-war Sarajevo

A fierce activist movie from the director Damir Janacek deals with the problem of violence over innocent abandoned animals in the postwar Sarajevo and the people risking their lives trying to help them. The City government has no affinity for the activists' initiatives to build a modern dog asylum.
While those responsible for dog care are becoming increasingly negligent, dog-catching business is growing both in Sarajevo and in some cities of the Bosnian Serb Republic. In Sarajevo, the Citizens' Association For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals, "SOS," struggles against cruelty on a daily basis through providing veterinary care and foster homes to stray dogs, simultaneously fighting citizens' ignorance, aggressive lobbies and indifferent authorities.

After its premieres at the Sarajevo Film Festival and Motovun Film Festival in 2010, do not miss the Zagreb premiere of this extraordinary socially engaging movie on Sunday, February 20 in Tuskanac movie theatre at Tuskanac 1. Attending the premiere will be the director Damir Janecek himself, wishing to induce the people to compassion, solidarity and a respect for life. After the premiere, "Kinofil" will be showing for public in Dokukino Croatia, Katanciceva 3, on February 24, 25 and 27.

"Kinofil" is not just a movie about dogs, but also about a society lacking respect for both human and animal life. As the author Damir Janecek has pointed out, Sarajevo could soon have an asylum for abandoned animals, after over a decade of fighting for animal rights, massive suffering inflicted on dogs and threats and attacks launched on the animal rights activists and the author himself.

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