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"Thank You" - a song from the animals to all the awesome humans

That time has come. The animals have decided to say "Thank You" to all the awesome, cool and compassionate humans for all the awesome, cool and compassionate things they do. IFEEL's new emotional song "Thank You" has turned into a music video project, inviting all the animal lovers worldwide to become a part of IFEEL's Thank You music video. This is an invitation to all the animal lovers, vegetarians, vegans, animal rights activists, sanctuary workers and volunteers and all others who would love to participate.

What's going on here? Just as there are millions of people who treat animals as slaves and products, abuse them and butcher them without a second thought, there are millions of people around the world who love animals, care for them and relentlessly fight for their rights, their dignity and freedom. Thank You song is a message of love and gratitude from the animals to all the people who love them, help them and fight for them.

The song goes out to all the animal lovers, vegetarians, vegans, animal rights activists, sanctuary workers and volunteers, and all others who love animals. It is a one big THANK YOU for all the kindness, all the hugs, all the warm words, all the rescues, demonstrations, petitions, facebook likes and shares, tweets, animal cruelty expose videos, documentaries, and everything else that all those "awesome humans" do to help animals be safe, free and happy.

"Thank You" video will spread this message. It will feature animal lovers worldwide sharing their special moments with animals they care about. We all know that animals feel. We know that they accept gentleness and loving care. Some of them like to be hugged, some of them like to play with us and some just like to chill with / around us cool humans. We want to capture that emotional animal-human connection on video. We want to make a video that shows love, dedication and passion for animals. The footage will be emotional, funny and inspiring.

This is an international project, as people from every corner of the Earth will be able to participate. And it will be very easy to participate. All you need is a video camera. No special skills or talents are needed. People who participate will shoot a short video (less than a minute long). Final "Thank You" music video will feature participants' videos.

"Thank You" project will hopefully inspire us humans to do more for these wonderful beings. Kind of like saying "You are welcome."; Ain't that cool?

There is a deadline for receiving the video footage. We will be accepting videos until May 31, 2012 and the completed "Thank You" video will be unveiled in June, 2012.

To receive info on how to participate, one needs to get on the "Thank You" project newsletter list by following the link http://eepurl.com/j_rrH or by signing up on the website www.musicifeel.com. Examples of what kind of footage is needed and other instructions will be emailed. "Thank You" project announcement with the "Thank You" song can be viewed
on YouTube: http://youtu.be/zzOvn3I_NNc

Contact IFEEL: www.musicifeel.com

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