04/22/12 Changing Habits for the Preservation of the Planet!

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On occasion of Earth Day, Animal Friends publishes the film "Earthlings"

- Invitation to see the film "Earthlings," brief ecological advice, petition for ban on plastic bags

Humans are the only ones responsible for the destruction of planet Earth and they have the power to preserve it. Changing your habits, such as using cotton bags and separating your waste and recycling are simple ways for everyone to contribute to preserving the planet.

Animal Friends invites the citizens of Croatia to see a documentary on ecology and non-violence towards animals, "Earthlings," directed by Shaun Monson. The film won many awards in festivals (winner of San Diego Film Festival 2005, winners of Boston International Film Festival 2005, winner of Artivist Film Festival 2005, etc.) and it is an impressive document of our relationship towards animals and nature, in which a truth often hidden to the ordinary man is shown through an intelligent and simple approach and narration of Joaquin Phoenix.

In addition to the film "Earthlings," Animal Friends prepared some brief ecological advice on changing your own daily habits which are actively involved in preserving the planet, and they also invite everyone to sign the petition to ban plastic bags.

According to the UN report from 2010, the production of animal based foods is responsible for as much as 19 per cent of the total emission of greenhouse gases, which is more than all of world's traffic. The cause is the high amount of energy used to produce artificial fertilizer, clear rainforests and grow food for the cattle, and large amounts of methane gas produced from cow dung. Reputable world organizations like Greenpeace and World Watch Institute also invite everyone to change their diet as the most efficient solution to reducing global warming and environment protection. By changing our diet we directly influence the reduction of methane and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, clearing of rainforests, use of pesticides, air, water and land pollution, and reducing the huge consumption of natural resources. We also enrich our menu with tasty and various foods, benefiting ourselves, the animals and nature.

Using plastic bags is harmful to nature and burden the Earth with a large amount of unnecessary waste. Every year more than 500 billion plastic bags are used, 99 per cent of which end up in seas, oceans, rivers and lakes, where hundreds of thousands of animals mistake them for food. It is encouraging that, if every fifth citizen of Croatia stopped using them, the next generation would find 199,588,499,000 plastic bags less in nature. Just one cotton bag can replace up to 1,000 plastic bags, and you can save more than 22,000 plastic bags by choosing the ecological alternative. Therefore Animal Friends invites citizens to use cotton bags and sign the petition to ban plastic bags, which can save thousands of animals, preserve natural resources and save eco-systems.

Also, everyone can easily influence the protection of nature and environment by separating and recycling household waste, which ensures the preservation of nature and natural raw material, reducing air, water and land pollution, saving expensive and precious energy and reducing landfill space.

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