09/07/12 Come All to the ZeGeVege!

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Lots of interesting things at the Croatian Festival of Sustainable Living

- More than 60 exhibitors, 25 performers, 130 prizes, free hairstyling, makeup and massages, tastings and workshops

On Friday, Sep 7 from 9 am to 9 pm and Saturday, Sep 8, 2012 from 9 am to 5 pm on Trg bana Jelacica in Zagreb the 5th ZeGeVege Festival of Sustainable Living will take place as a part of Veganmania.

This unique festival in Croatia exhibits and promotes products of plant-based origin that are not tested on animals and are environmentally-friendly. It will begin on Friday, Sep 7, 2012 at 10 am with short speeches from Zagreb's mayor Milan Bandic and the MP Mirela Holy. The vegetarian model Petra Friganovic will also say a few words to the visitors and celebrities Mirna and Mario Valentic will also be at the ZeGeVege Festival.

Animal Friends invites everyone to attend this two-day event which will offer: cosmetics and cleansers that are not tested on animals, free cosmetic treatments, a restaruant with veggie meals at affordable prices (around 15 kn), ecologicaly grown fruits and vegetables, and other products. A blood pressure reading and expert advice on health and herbal supplements will be provided by Dr. Martin Miklic Bublic and the nutritionist Irena Svenda.

Exhibitors will feature fitness bodybuilding and the Fitness Bootcamp, protein sports drinks, spiralizers, dehydrators, Stevia, anatomic grain pillows, plant-based food for dogs and cats, eco bags, LED lights, an electric car, as well as the first electric bike manufactured in Croatia.

At the festival, there will be a recycling yard, a children's corner with a special eco program, and a cooking workshop. There will also be a sign up for the Veggie Challenge and an eco drive school to test drive in electric car. On the stage, which will be decorated by Zelena prica, there will be music workshops, numerous dance numbers, and performers of various musical styles, from Kikici, Elma to Picksiebners. In the video stall films will shown, including the new movie The Joy of Eating.

Foreign exhibitors, carriers of V-Label, and other humanitarian and ecological initiatives will also be present. 130 prizes and 20,000 brochures will be handed out.

This year's ZeGeVege Festival is supported by the president of the Republic of Croatia Ivo Josipovic, the Ministry of Environmental and Nature Protection, the City of Zagreb, the City Office for Agriculture and Forestry, the Department of Health and Veterans, the City Office for Energy, the Environment and Sustainable Development, and the Zagreb Tourist Board.

The goal of the ZeGeVege Festival is to help Croatians understand how to use natural resources sustainably in ways that minimize the impact on the environment and do not endanger the welfare of animals and other people.

More information and the program of the ZeGeVege Festival can be found at www.prijatelji-zivotinja.hr, www.zegevege.com and the Facebook page ZeGeVege Festival.

Performers and artists on the 5th ZeGeVege Festival

Magician for children Jozo Bozo, The Leftovers, Atomic Dance Factory, Kizo, Dance club Back to Swing, Happy Hoop, Zumba and Jelena Diklic, Teen group Genijalci, Jadranka Juras, Dance club Megablast, IFEEL, Club Dobre vibracije, Fitness Bootcamp, Band Picksiebner, Sheherezade, Nexus, Sane, Capoeira Senzala Zagreb, Dance club Scorpio, Corto, Elma & NT Wave, Lela Kaplowitz, Children choir Kikici, Dance studio Nefertiti, Flamenco group Rozalija, dance studio Radhe Syam.

Exhibitors of the 5th ZeGeVege Festival

Exotic King, Planetopija, Udruga za promicanje inkluzije Podruznica Zagreb, Tofu shop, bodybuilder Mislav Skrepnik, Moj bicikl, Larimar Essentia, OPG Lidija Galjar, Zelena prica, Zelena akcija, OPG Ira Branilovic, Vegetarijana Sombor, Roditelji u akciji – RODA, Ulola, Art Of Raw, Vitamix, Zmajevna, OPG Vladimir Sinko, OPG Nikolina Cizmek, OPG Anto Juric, Socijalna zadruga Humana Nova, Sapunoteka, Internacionalna zaklada Gabriele, Drveni kutak, BIOmedis-e, Vegalina, Annapurna, bio&bio, Zrno, OPG Tomislav Janusic, Udruga Utocista kunica i divljih zeceva Mrkvica – Utociste TarraLand, OPG Zeljko Ilicic, Labud, "K NARAVI" Alja Veronika Divjak s.p., Bormax, Eko OPG Hujic, Bioherba, OPG Marija Mudric, SMID, Melvita, Udruga Pobjede, Omegol, Ami food for cats and dogs, Sakti Ko, Repro Eko, Eko voznja, Skloniste za nezbrinute zivotinje Dumovec, OPG Paulik, Obrt za eko igracke Adamovic, Encian, OPG Oreskovic, Glas zivotinja, Dvostruka duga, Zlata Nanic, Biodar, Sindikat biciklista, Vegetariana, Works of homeless, Matis, Bioplanet bike, Chicza organic chewing gum from Mayan rainforest, Balans energije.

The graphic design was sponsored by Zale and Acrobyte, while the sponsors of prizes are: Frizerski studio "Beauty & the Beast," Pansion Cherry Blossom, Sapunoteka, Melvita, Repro Eko, Zmajevna, Obrt za eko igracke Adamovic, OPG Oreskovic Lavanda, Eko OPG Hujic, Bormax, OPG Ira Branilovic, Drveni kutak, OPG Paulik, SMID, OPG Anto Juric, Eko voznja, OPG Marija Mudric, bio&bio, Ami food for dogs and cats, Socijalna zadruga Humana Nova and Roditelji u akciji – RODA.

Free cosmetic treatments and massages are provided by hairdressing salon "Beauty & the Beast" with Paul Mitchell cosmetics, Dr. Hauscka and International shiatsu school Croatia, while Vegehop will organize an official restaurant of the ZeGeVege Festival.

Sponsors of the 5th ZeGeVege Festival

Sapunoteka, Encian, Alpro, Philips, Aviokarte.hr, Inki Dinki, Kiwano, Clarum, Eko klas, Advent, Print Grupa, Kerschoffset, Anamarija, Meridian-media evaluation, Arto, Europlakat, Zale, OPG Solina, Idemo zeleno, FARM - Farm Animal Rights Movement, Nova glazbala, bio&bio, Iskon, Vocko, Buba M, Anyo, Ekopak, Tomar, LDK Promet, Bauhaus, FED.

Media sponsors of the 5th ZeGeVege Festival

Novi list, Naturala.hr, Ljepota&zdravlje, net.hr, supraZdravlje.hr, hostesa.org, VIKENDplaner.info, Kapital Network, idemvan.hr, H-Alter, Zdrava krava, Festival.hr, CentarZdravlja.net, Kreni zdravo!, zena.hr, PORT.hr, Zdrava televizija.

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