10/19/12 How to Help Animals?

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Animal Friends presents a visual of an educational ad "How to Help Animals?"

- In Zagreb and other Croatian towns: ads with a few tips on how to help animals

Each of us, with just a little effort, can do a lot for animals. How? Animal Friends answers this question with the help of ads that provide citizens with basic information and encourage them to help animals. Ads will be placed in Zagreb, Split, Rijeka, Osijek, and other towns.

With cute drawings of animals, there are several practical tips on how to help them, and here we will explain each one.

Don't buy them, adopt those who are abandoned!

All over Croatia there are abandoned, left and forgotten animals. Instead of buying an animal from some (un)registered breeder or a pet store (through which you support animal cruetly and trade with live animals) you can adopt an abandoned dog or a cat, provided that you have conditions to accept a new family member. You will do a good deed and receive a friend for life.

Don't buy products that are tested on them!

Many companies today test their products on animals. Justifiably? We believe not because there are also many companies that do not test on animals. Why do some of them test and others do not? The reason is very simple: indifference and money. On www.prijatelji-zivotinja.hr you can find a list of companies that do not test their products and ingredients on animals (called the "White List"). Get informed and build a clear stance against animal experiments.

Don't eat them!

More than 60 billion farrm animals are killed each year all over the world for human consumption. Is this mass killing really necessary? About 150,000 vegetarians and vegans in Croatia refuse to take part in it and this number for the whole world is over half a billion. You can also be one of them. Discard prejudices and what advertisements are trying to convince you to do every day! By switching to a vegetarian or vegan diet, we can do the most to help animals, our health, and the environment.

Don't wear their fur and skin!

Ice age and living in caves are ancient history, therefore why persist in wearing animal fur and skin? Today we have so many quality natural and modern artificial materials of non-animal origin for our clothing and footwear that it is completely unnecessary to wear animal hind. Every one of us has a choice and opportunity to clothe ourselves in nice, comfy, and warm fashions that are tasteful and modern, and not made out of dead animals. It is wonderful to dress ethically.

Don't participate in the hunting and entertainment industry that abuses them!

Let's be realistic – how would we feel if someone chased us around with a bow and an arrow, aimed at us from a bush, shot at us with a shotgun or threw explosives at us? Do we love our life so much that we are ready to let others live in peace too? Would it be normal for us to be trapped in a cage or in the tank and exposed to the looks of strangers everyday? Do we like it when somebody manipulates us, makes us do things we consider absurd or insulting? Is it entertainment, shall we support such activities? We know the answer to that, don't we?

On the web site www.prijatelji-zivotinja.hr, Animal Friends offers other tips on how to help animals aside from those mentioned here. Animal Friends asks citizens to apply at least one of these tips and participate in building a better world for all beings on it. Every individual is important, each step towards more ethical lifestyle counts. Please join.

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