Come and Look Your Food in the Eyes: The 269 Movement Shows Its Face

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Not only individuals join the movement daily, but AR organizations as well, large and small. One of them is Animal Friends Croatia. This is a Croatian society that has been active for about a decade now and every few months it launches campaigns on different issues pertaining to animals. Their last campaign, before 269, took on the fur industry and was accompanied by one of the most popular singers in Croatia, Boris Novkovic. In an interview with Bernard Franolic, spokesperson of Animal Friends of Croatia, he tells how they found out about 269: "We received an email with a photo of the Tel Aviv mass tattooing event and an invitation to participate in the activities of the movement. We were very impressed with their seriousness and loved the idea of identifying with a single individual in the industry and of uniting around it people from all over the world." The tattooing event of the Animal Friends Croatia took place on November 1, in Zagreb. For eight hours straight two volunteer tattoo artists tattooed the approximately 100 participants and vegan food was offered to the passers by.

"ike any liberation movement throughout history - such as the anti slavery or the woman liberation movements - the Animal Liberation as well began locally," Franolic says, "but with time it grew and crossed borders to become the international movement that it is today. We believe that cooperation on a global basis is good for the animals, but one should not forget that local activities usually have immediate achievements and are easier. Therefore we should act constantly on both levels."

An excerpt from the major headline story "Come and Look Your Food in the Eyes: The 269 Movement Shows Its Face" printed in March 2013 in the Haaretz Newspaper - one of the leading publications in Israel.

The complete story can be read here.

The Haaretz Newspaper - 269 story [ 157.93 Kb ]

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