10/19/02 Animal Friends Days 2002

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Animal Friends Days in the year 2002 have finished!

Parade for the end of "Animal Friends Days 2002"

First anniversary of the organization and celebrating few important dates along with the Animal Friends Days (World Vegetarian Day, World anti-McDonald's Day, World Animal Protection Day) ran along quite well and in the end we can be satisfied because we've made to get this rich program straight to the end.

There were kept a few actions and protests, few projections, promotions, lectures, fashion shows, fairs of healthy food, and other. Some happenings which were suppose to happened in the Animal Friends Days.. but didn't happened, they will be organized till the end of this year and of course in the next year.

On Saturday on the yearly convention we will change the Animal Friends statute and start organizing other branches in Split, Rijeka, Osijek, Karlovac, Sisak, Varazdin, Cakovec and in other cities were we're discussing about it.

So, after the first year of our society we will have nearly ten sections. The number of members raises every day, we gain more active members, the publicity knows more about our work, we get so many reactions every day on which we can't even reply on all and the influence of our work gains better.

We can say that this year has been very successful for Animal Friends and that finally Croatia isn't on the edge of the events and that we gave our contribution for the better treatment with animals.

The closing is organized on Saturday, October 19, at 12 noon. Still, before the closing of the society, our anniversary has to finish in our way-with an action.

We are inviting you to the parade on Saturday, October 19, at 11 A.M. starting on Petar Preradovic Square.




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