09/11/13 Damaging Effects of Pest Reject Device on Household Rodent Pets

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Republic of Croatia
The State Inspectorate
Consumer Protection Supervision Office Product Safety Department
Prilaz Ivana Visine 1-3
10000 Zagreb

September 11, 2013

Subject: Damaging effects of Pest Reject device on household rodent pets

Dear Sir/Madam,

Based on information and claims that we have received from citizens, it is our intention to warn about the damaging effects of the Pest Reject device on household rodent pets as well as to seek your inspection.

The Pest Reject device, by Chinese manufacturer Willque Electronics Co., Ltd He Lu Industrial Zone, Huang Jiang City, is available on the Croatian market via TV sales and Pet Centar stores, at the address Heinzelova 60, Zagreb. According to the store’s website information www.pet-centar.hr, Pest Reject is an "innovative and safe device that uses ultrasound and electromagnetic technology to repel pests. The device emits ultrasound waves that create discomfort to cockroaches, spiders, ants, moths and rodents. Electromagnetic technology uses fixtures within your home or office by changing energy fields and creating an enemy environment for pests. Such system irritates pests and keeps them away from habitation they’ve created, without killing them." The website also contains a warning saying that the device should not be used "if your pets are rabbits or rodents such as a hamster, for example, because the mentioned device should cause discomfort." It is also stated that the best results are achieved between one and three weeks of usage, and in the instructions say to "leave the device operational for 24 hours a day, 365 days."

According to statement of a citizen who approached us for help, a healthy and happy guinea pig, a household pet, has suddenly died. The citizen was told by the veterinary that similar rodent household pets death cases were caused by the Pest Reject device. A citizen is suspecting that the death of his guinea pig was caused by an upstairs neighbor who uses Pest Reject in order to repel pests.

Household rodent pets are very sensitive, and the Pest Reject device is intended, among others, to emit ultrasound waves that will create discomfort within rodents that should prompt them to escape closed spaces. When devices are, according to the manufacturer’s instructions, plugged in for up to three weeks, or 24 hours a day during the whole year, household rodents within range of the ultrasound waves cannot escape. Instead, they are exposed to continuous discomfort, with deadly effects on their health that could lead to death. As it is impossible to control if tenants who have household rodent pets inhabit an area within the Pest Reject range, use of such a device is potentially dangerous for the health and life of the mentioned household pets.

Therefore, we kindly ask you to conduct an inspection supervision and examine the safety of Pest Reject device for household rodent pets as well as to inform consumers about the dangers this product can cause. If need occurs, we kindly ask you to withdraw the product from the market.

We kindly ask you to inform us about the measures taken so we can report about the situation to interested media and the public.


Luka Oman


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