How Bulls Continue to be Abused in the Name of Tradition

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Despite being a gentle giant, and an animal which poses absolutely no threat to humans, bulls have been the centerpiece for many outdated and completely unethical activities for hundreds of years.

Here are just a handful of ways in which these awe inspiring creatures are being mistreated:


Rodeos are considered to be a spectators sport by its organizers and competitors, but to an independent onlooker, it doesn’t much resemble a sport. It originated as an event to showcase traditional ranch work, but today's grand showcases are a far cry from this as animal injuries are common place and cruelty is only too clear to see.

Calf roping involves contestants riding on horseback roping calves, dismounting their horses, throwing the calves to the ground, and then tying three of its legs together in a race against time. Calves are often injured during the process and are terrified by the whole ordeal. Broken bones, torn ligaments, and internal hemorrhages are all regular occurrences.

Bull riding is another cruel event that happens at the rodeo, as bulls are aggravated and shocked just prior to leaving the bucking chute. Cattle prods, spurs, and bucking straps are all used to ensure that the bulls buck wildly and put on a real show for the crowd.

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