05/27/14 The Rescued Animals Need Help!

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Volunteers in Posavina at the brink of their strength, and no one takes responsibility for the rescued animals!

- Press conference at the dog shelter in Nemetin, at 12 noon May 27, 2014; appeal to government and public institutions

After the evacuation of people from the flooded areas of East Posavina, volunteers from all over Croatian came to help, to rescue and care for animals, and so far none of the government or public institutions has claimed responsibility for the further care of several hundred rescued dogs and cats.

The associations Victories, Animal Friends and other NGOs herewith want to inform the public about the current situation in the flooded areas of East Posavina:

1) Daily hundreds of animal have been rescued from the waters since Monday, May 19 from Gunja, Rajeva Selo and Racinovac.

2) People who look after the animals on site are individuals from organizations, citizens from all parts of Croatia, who proactively drove into the flooded areas. For example have divers from Rijeka slept several nights in their cars and pulled animals out of the flood, volunteers from different organizations and people in general have actually stayed in the woods surrounded by dozens of dogs that could not find accommodation during the day.

3) There are three temporary locations to which rescued dogs and cats can be brought: Posavski Podgajci, Drenovci and Siroko Polje. Other shelter locations for animals are the old barracks in Beli Manastir, while all shelters are beyond their capacity, such as from the Spas Victories, Noah's Ark, Shelter for Abandoned Animals in Zagreb, Felix Virovitica, and many other organizations and individuals. The animals are generally in a poor condition, in need of veterinary care, and welcomed by volunteering veterinarians who are on the edge of their powers.

4) There is no official protocol in Croatia for the rescue and care of animals during floods.

The situation is alarming because for eight days now, day and night, volunteers, individuals and organizations who are on the edge of their strengths have looked after the animals, and none of the state and public institutions has come on site to take responsibility.

The association Victories spent the last eight days on site, and found temporary shelter for hundreds of dogs and cats and they try to collect information about all the rescued animals in one place (via the Facebook group "Pomoc zivotinjama u poplavljenim podrucjima" ("Help for animals in the flooded areas")). What aggravates the circumstances in this mess is the lack of data on guardians of mircochipped dogs in the Croatian Register for dogs vaccinated against rabies (Lysacan).

This way the organizations and shelters are appealing to the government and public institutions to urgently come on site and take responsibility for the rescued animals. The association Victories makes all information they have available.

Ivana Crnoja, president of Victories 00385 91 7334406
Jelena Rasic, volunteer at Victories 00385 91 7547831

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