01/16/15 Let Firecrackers Become History!

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Animal Friends invite you to sign a petition until the end of January to ban the use of firecrackers

- Numerous cases of runaway, frightened and injured animals; more than 10,000 signatures collected so far

Animal Friends, driven by successive citizens' appeals to take action about the use of firecrackers and other explosives, by numerous notices of runaway and injured animals, and of disturbance by explosions and noise, then launched, in January 2014, the petition to ban the use of firecrackers and other explosives of Hazard Type 2 and 3. So far over 10,000 digital and hand-written signatures of citizens who support this proposal have been collected. The number of signatures collected clearly indicates the need for amending the law and for respecting the citizens' demands for security and tranquillity.

Animal Friends are inviting the citizens of the Republic of Croatia to sign the petition on the website of the Animal Friends: www.prijatelji-zivotinja.hr. The deadline for collecting signatures for a petition is by the end of January, and the Animal Friends will submit all the collected signatures to the Croatian Ministry of the Interior at February 2, 2015.

Besides the already known risks to human health and lives, countless cases of severe injuries of the hands, feet and face, eye injuries, severe hearing loss and the like, it is necessary to emphasize the dangers of using explosive substances and their effects on animals. Along with serious and fatal injuries of animals caused by direct contact with explosive substances, a big problem is of the noise that these generate.

The use of explosives during the holiday season's celebration, especially in the days before the New Year, leads directly to the disruption of public order and of the general safety of people, property, the environment and animals. Although the Explosive Substances Act of the Croatian Republic has regulated the selling of pyrotechnical devices, the time of usage and the restrictions on age, in practice it is difficult to monitor their implementation due to the massive scale of their use. The same is the case with the Criminal Procedure Act and the Misdemeanors Act, that should regulate this area.

Animal Friends' concern for the health and life of people and animals has led to the submitting of a proposal, to amend the Explosive Substances Act (Chapter VIII. Usage) to the Croatian Ministry of the Interior. The proposal concerns banning the use of firecrackers and other explosive devices of the Category 2 and 3 in order to reduce noise and people's injuries and animals during the whole year. There is no use for inviting citizens to celebrate ''Peace on earth and good will to men'', as quoted by the campaign of the Ministry of Interior, if parallel to that saying there is a specific period of the year which encourages complete disrespect of it.

Animal Friends do not aim to deny citizens a New Year's Eve celebration, so they do not support the absolute prohibition of explosives of Category 1 and public fireworks, but for their appropriate use, which will not cause anybody's suffering.

When delivering the signatures, Animal Friends will ask for a meeting with the Croatian Ministry of the Interior, intending that a legal prohibition will be in order, along with the positive solution for the aforementioned problems that reoccur each year.

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