04/01/02 Six Months of Animal Friends

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Press conference report

Animal Friends is currently working on several campaigns are a preparing a number of others for the benefit of animals. This report contains information on the events in the last six months, i.e. since the organization was founded. Founded on the International Day of Vegetarianism, on October 1, 2001, this organization has clearly stated its aims - to fight for the rights of animals and to promote their protection, as well as vegetarianism as an ethical, ecological and healthy lifestyle.

In the last six months since its founding the organization developed into a relatively large and a strong non-profit non-governmental organization ready to act in all areas of animal protection, to react against any violation of the Animal Welfare Act as well as against all cases when the rights and needs of animals as living beings are being neglected. Our numerous activities and reactions show how much violence on animals has been incorporated into our society, and how much effort is needed to fight for a different treatment of animals.

Changes we managed to accomplish are obvious already after our initial six months. Vegetarian meals have been introduced into student cafeterias, and their introduction to other public institutions is expected as well. The decision on approving the permit to hunt in the area of the Nature Park Medvednica has been blocked, and a request for its reconsideration has been submitted. Hundreds of people turned to a vegetarian diet and became animal friends, and have joined us in our efforts to change the present condition, while thousands and thousands of others received our leaflets or have seen our messages in the media.

Campaigns we would like to emphasise are:

Some of the campaigns we are planning in the next couple of months are that we are working on now:

Animal Friends is planning a number of other campaigns, not related to the ones listed above, as well as publishing pocket-size vegetarian cookbooks, vegetarianism for beginners, children's books, the organisation's bulletin and magazine. We have already held a number of lectures and have shown films which we will continue doing. We have visited several cities so far (Osijek, Rijeka, Sibenik, Zadar, Labin, Sisak, and others) informing the public about our activities, vegetarianism and current campaigns.

We have also registered an information stand each Friday and Saturday in the next several months, where the public will be able to learn more on animal protection and rights, vegetarianism, the organisation itself and of course, join our organisation as members.

Another important thing is also our web site www.prijatelji-zivotinja.hr which is updated daily, and includes a number of interesting topics, petitions, pictures, information on famous vegetarians among famous movie, music and fashion stars, on great vegetarian philosophers and others in human history, while the section "frequently asked questions" contains answers to absolutely all questions on animal rights, vegetarianism, hunting, tests conducted on animals and all other activities of our organisation.

In their first six months Animal Friends has proven to be one of the most active organisations in Croatia, and one of the most interesting ones as well, as we receive a number of questions and support mail daily, and the number of our members grows by the day. We hope this trend will continue in the next six months and in the coming years.



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