12/10/15 Animal Rights Day Marked With Razor-blade Wire

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On International Human Rights Day, Animal Friends Croatia indicates the deadly wires, fences and cages

- December 10, 2015, Zagreb, Ban Jelacic Square: Activist's performance in chains and with razor-wire

On the sidelines of the refugee crisis, there have been great suffering of animals at the Croatian borders with Hungary and Slovenia for months already. Razor-wire borders that are intersecting natural migration routes are lethal for wild animals. This is evidenced by disturbing images of animals trying to set free from jagged wire, making their wounds even deeper and causing serious injuries, choking, fractures and slow death.

On International Animal Rights Day, Thursday December 10, 2015, at 11 A.M., Animal Friends Croatia with a performance at Ban Jelacic Square in Zagreb will point out the walls, fences, cages and wires on which people condemned animals in captivity, suffering and death. Activists in chains, with razor-wire, will symbolically show the agony of wild animals at the border and also the suffering that many other animals experience daily.

Citizens will be able to see the monstrous invention of the razor-wire and what kind of terrible wounds can cause to all living beings. Photos that activists will hold in their hands will show the incredible cruelty that people are doing to animals all around us behind the walls, cages, fences and chains.

As dangerous razor-wire cuts deeper and deeper into the flesh of wild animals and wounds them to death, there are equally terrified animals at slaughterhouses that cannot escape from the knife blades. Wild animals are dangling on the wire as the chickens are turned upside down struggling on the line for slaughter, chinchillas who suffer an electric shock or choking by gas or a dog trapped in an experimental laboratory.

Fences, cages and chains restrict and enable the movement of animals and forces them to stay in tight spaces. With their tails and beaks cut, castrated without anesthesia, branded, raped... left to the fattening and killing routine without any public judgment. The cultural compassion towards animals is absent as also the compassion for other people.

International Animal Rights Day has been celebrated since 1998, targeting at the International Human Rights Day. This day reminds us that we share this planet with other species. We all have the right for a life free of exploitation and enslavement. It is time to realize the connection between the various forms of discrimination and to remove the barrier on the physical borders and the ones in our own mind.

For a large, positive change, it is enough to make a decision not to eat animals and not to use them for the making of shoes and clothing. Also not to use them in experiments, entertainment and other purposes that are imposed on us by habit and tradition.

As for the Croatia being in a wire encirclement, Animal Friends Croatia invites the Croatian government to officially make appeal towards Slovenia and Hungary. In line with professional standards, they are demanding the removal of the wire that should not have been placed on the ground in order to protect animals and the freedom and well-being of us all.

Animal Rights Day Marked With Razor-blade Wire [ 166.31 Kb ]Animal Rights Day Marked With Razor-blade Wire [ 123.26 Kb ]Animal Rights Day Marked With Razor-blade Wire [ 146.36 Kb ]Animal Rights Day Marked With Razor-blade Wire [ 128.65 Kb ]

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