12/15/15 Breach of the Animal Protection Act at the Pet Shops in the Ownership of the HOP d.o.o. for Goods and Services

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Ministry of Agriculture
Sector of Veterinary Inspection
Veterinary Office of the City of Zagreb
Ulica Fra Andrije Kacic Miosica 9
10 000 Zagreb

November 17, 2015

Dear Sir or Madam,

we have received an anonymous report regarding possible breaches of the law in the Zagreb offices of HOP d.o.o. – company for goods and services. The said office is a pet shop located on the 5 Turinina Street in Sopot, Zagreb, and the company's headquarters are located on 1 Zabica Street in Rijeka.

The report states that aforementioned maltreatment of animals sold in the pet shop is also usual in other shops in the ownership of the said company. The other pet shops are as follows: the Rijeka office: Furicevo 17, Viskovo; the Split office: at the PC Kaufland Store, 114. brigade 6, Split; the Pozega office: at the PC Kaufland Store, Njemacka ulica 40, Pozega; the Cavle office (franchise): Cavja 70, Cavle; the Zapresic office: at the PC Kaufland, Rusevje 1, Zapresic; the Sesvete office: at the PC Kaufland Store, Bistricka ulica 6, Sesvete; the Dubec office: at the Superkonzum Store, Avenija Dubrava 241, Zagreb

The report also states that the supplier of sick animals is the ZOO OAZA company, a business for breeding and sale of pets, the owner is Katarina Pauric, the company is located in Ulica Ivana Gundulica 17 in Nova Gradiska, and the telephone number is 035 359 900. The company is registered as a pet breeding business for wholesale and retail trade.

Therefore, we ask you that on the basis of this report you carry out an inspection of all the aforementioned HOP d.o.o offices selling live animals, as well as of the ZOO OAZA company, and that you keep us apprised of the measures taken.


Luka Oman
President of Animal Friends Croatia

Anonymous report


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