03/25/02 Hen and Chickens in a Shop Window

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The request of Animal Friends for investigation of the animal abuse case

We kindly ask you to investigate the animal abuse case that happened on Petreticev trg in the flower shop "Cicak" where the owner of the store keeps living hens and chickens in the store window. We believe that this is humiliating for animals and consider it an act of cruelty, because the store window is flooded with sunlight and passed by constantly by people and animals, which surely causes stress in those animals. Anyway, a flower store is not a place where hens should and may be held.

Most certainly, the store owner has neither the licence, nor the conditions for keeping the animals, therefore we request that a procedure be initiated against her. In that way, we would prevent the possible trend of placing the living animals into store windows and show people, both in case of the forthcoming holiday and in case of any other event, that the animals are not here for us to "decorate" the store windows with them and that they have their rights after all.



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