A Ban on Catching and Killing Rodents by Using Glue and Other Traps

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Text suggested by Animal Friends Croatia:

It is forbidden to:

Catch and kill rodents and other animals by using glue and other traps that cause prolonged pain and suffering to the animals. (Art. 4, par. 2, pt. 31)

Explanation: Glue traps are undoubtedly one of the cruelest methods of catching and killing animals. They consist of a piece of cardboard, fibreboard, or plastic smeared with glue, which catches any kind of animal that walks across the surface, attracted by the bait: mice, rats, birds, squirrels, snakes, kittens, and other small animals.

Glue traps tear off pieces of skin, fur, and feathers from the animal’s body while it strives to escape, and many animals will even bite or break their limbs in a desperate attempt to free themselves. The glue also irritates and damages their eyes. Sometimes, animals spend several days in agony before they die of hunger or dehydration. Their muzzles or beaks can get caught up in glue and make them suffocate and die for hours.

By banning glue traps and other types of traps that cause prolonged pain and suffering, one would direct the consumer to purchase non-lethal, humane traps, which are inexpensive and readily available in most shops selling agricultural equipment. These are plastic or metal traps resembling boxes with movable doors, which close when the animal has entered. Once the animal has been caught, it can be freed and removed from the house alive and unharmed.

Glue traps were banned in Ireland in 2000, making it illegal to possess, sell, or offer for sale any unlicensed traps, including glue traps. Uncle Bob's Self Storage, the fifth largest warehouse company in the USA, has banned glue traps in all of its facilities, followed by ING Barings and Charles Schwab Corporation. Glue traps have also been banned by other large companies, such as JPMorgan Chase & Co. and American Eagle Outfitters, as well as the New York police. Large corporations such as Dollar Tree and Rite Aid have stopped selling glue traps and other lethal traps. In the USA, it is forbidden to use glue traps in order to catch wild birds.

In Croatia, however, one can still purchase glue traps, as well as traps killing animals with a blow, in various shopping malls. It is evident that animals are insufficiently protected by the present regulation included in the Animal Protection Act (Art. 4, par. 1), which is why we consider it necessary to ban this cruel practice more specifically.

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